Sen. Rick Scott says he has a ‘strategic disagreement’ with Mitch McConnell and tells other Republicans to ‘pipe down’ with ‘treasonous’ criticism of the party’s controversial Senate candidates

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky at a press conference on Capitol Hill on May 17, 2022. Drew Angerer/Getty Images Republicans are increasingly criticizing their party's controversial, unpopular Senate nominees. Even Mitch McConnell has noted that the Senate may not flip this year, citing "candidate quality." But […]

French banks have ‘good reasons’ to close Le Pen party’s accounts, finance minister says

Two banks that have closed accounts belonging to the French National Front apparently had “good reasons” to take such actions, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire insisted after Marine Le Pen blasted the decision as a “banking fatwa.” The president of the far-right party rebelled this week at a press conference against the decisions taken by […]

‘Sneaky Jew’ comment lands German Left Party’s local leader in hot water

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 09:48 The head of the German Left Party in the city of Saarlouis, in the state of Saarland, is under fire for calling his colleague a “sneaky Jew” on social media. Mekan Kolasinac, the chairman of the Left Party, known for its anti-Israel views, branded the party’s federal head, Bernd […]

2 GOP senators who helped kill their party’s health care bill say it was ‘the right thing’ to do

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque Two Republican senators who voted against the “skinny” healthcare repeal last week said they were concerned the bill cut funding for Planned Parenthood, and that they were working in the best interest of their states. “The issue of family planning services, cancer screenings, [and] women care probably does resonate with us more than […]

The Democrats’ new economic plan exposes the party’s existential crisis

AP Democrats released a three-pronged plan on the economy that’s uninspired and unoriginal. Its biggest flaw is that it assumes the US economy is doing just fine and that a few tweaks around the edges will sort everything out for workers. Ultimately it indicates a rift between centrists and leftists over the party’s direction. WASHINGTON […]

The Republican healthcare bill defies the party’s own ideology

The Senate’s health care proposal made it clear that Republicans, despite their rhetoric, are not interested in market-based reform. Instead, they prefer pro-business, pro-privileged reform. With Senate Republicans planning to rewrite their bill, it’s hard to predict the details of the final proposal. Nonetheless, gauging the House and Senate bills, one can guess that the […]