Piers Morgan to leave Good Morning Britain: Next move for outspoken host ‘unveiled’

BoyleSports traders received many requests to offer odds on the chances of Piers quitting GMB.  The bookmakers revealed: “Piers Morgan has faced criticism from viewers over the past few months due to his opinionated political stance and received 4,000 Ofcom complaints about his interviews with Conservative politicians. “BoyleSports initially offered odds of 33/1 for Piers […]

Fired Kermit the Frog Actor Says He was ‘Outspoken,’ Disney Blames ‘Unacceptable Business Conduct’

Steve Whitmire has played Kermit the Frog for 27 years, taking over from beloved puppeteer and creator Jim Henson after his death in 1990. But after nearly three decades of playing the beloved Muppet, Whitmire was suddenly dismissed by Disney, and the job of being green would go to pupeteer Matt Vogel. Now, Whitmire is […]

Meghan Markle – Is this picture proof Prince Harry’s outspoken girlfriend is ANTI-BREXIT?

Meghan has over 1.6million followers on Instagram and regularly shares snippets of her life with her fans – from the wine she drinks to bunches of flowers she likes. The 35-year-old US-born actress doesn’t stop there, though. The Hollywood star isn’t shy about sharing political opinions on the social networking site and an image posted […]

Denmark’s Outspoken Anti-Islam Politician … Who’s Muslim

Naser Khader, Syrian immigrant and Denmark’s most outspoken Muslim, has a number of tattoos in Arabic that proclaim values that “I am willing to die for,” he says. But it’s not verses from the Quran that are indelibly inked into his skin. They are the words for the liberal values of “freedom”, “democracy” and “freedom […]

An outspoken delegate just ripped into China’s national parliament

Thomson Reuters Beijing (AFP) – Empty talk, self-censorship, brain-dead conformity — that’s outspoken delegate Cui Yongyuan’s assessment of China’s national parliament, celebrated by the Communist Party as empowering the people but which he calls a big waste of time. Around 5,000 delegates from across the country are in Beijing for the annual Communist-choreographed session, the […]