Thou Shalt Not Use Email Notifications!

Article was originally published on ModelFA. Here’s a question for you. Between this morning and right now, how many times did your computer or phone chime at you to let you know you just got another email? Chances are, your number is somewhere around a dozen or more. Many advisors think that keeping those alerts […]

The Morning After: We took push notifications to the limit

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to your weekend! We’ve looked directly into the push notification abyss and come out the other side, while scientists made important decisions about the kilogram. Of course, we’re also tracking all kinds of Black Friday discounts and other highlight stories from this week like the Iron Man-ish adrenaline […]

Firefox and 1Password now bring data breach notifications to you

Firefox and 1Password have made it much easier to find out if your email address and password have ever been been leaked due to a data breach. 1Password now comes integrated with the Have I Been Pwned service, allowing you to check your credentials against the database within its interface, while Firefox is testing a […]

Signal’s “disappearing messages” live on in macOS notifications

Enlarge / You may want to nicely ask your friends who use Signal on the Mac desktop to change their notification settings. Signal, the privacy-focused voice and text messaging application, offers an attractive bit of operational security: ephemeral text messages that “self-delete” after a predetermined amount of time. There is just one small problem, however, […]

Google Pixel Buds let you customize which apps send spoken notifications

A beta preview back in March hinted at a few features coming to Google’s Pixel Buds, like expanded double-tap functionality and in-ear detection. But there’s another addition coming for the wireless headphones: New settings to switch spoken notifications on or off for each app. Previously, Android users only had a basic toggle to activate or […]

Google Assistant adds daily updates and push notifications for voice apps

Google today introduced a series of new features for its Actions on Google platform for third-party voice apps, including a new browsing carousel to showcase content and greater control over the kind of audio an action can play. The media response API introduced today allows developers to incorporate things like news briefs, clips from TV […]

Comcast xFi customers get push notifications for WiFi activity

Comcast is introducing a new feature for its Xfinity xFi customers. Starting this week, users will receive a push notification anytime there is a change in their network. That means that if your child hops on the Wi-Fi when they’re supposed to be asleep, now a push notification will rat them out. The notification events […]

CNN is blaming Apple for a bug that spammed iPhone users with a barrage of the same push notifications (AAPL, TWX)

REUTERS/Rick Wilking A glitch caused some iPhone users to repeatedly receive the same headline notification from CNN. CNN says it’s Apple’s problem.   At about 5pm ET on Tuesday, numerous of people with iPhones received an Apple News push notification with a CNN headline about the false missile alarm in Hawaii. Then they got the […]