Thou Shalt Not Use Email Notifications!

Article was originally published on ModelFA. Here’s a question for you. Between this morning and right now, how many times did your computer or phone chime at you to let you know you just got another email? Chances are, your number is somewhere around a dozen or more. Many advisors think that keeping those alerts […]

Android P Developer Preview arrives with new notification panel, notch support

Enlarge / Google’s logo for the Android P Developer Preview. (credit: Google) In what is quickly becoming an annual March tradition, Google is once again releasing an early preview of the next major version of Android. The Android P Developer Preview is out right now for developers (and eager Android enthusiasts) to take for a […]

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Edge, shell, notification, input, and Task Manager improvements

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview for PCs with Edge, shell, notification, input, gaming, Task Manager, and Hyper-V improvements. This is the sixth build of the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is slated to arrive later this year (likely in September). Windows 10 is a service, meaning it was built in […]

Hands-on: Android O Preview 3 is 8.0, has a sweet colored media notification

The third Android O Developer Preview hit the Internet yesterday, giving us just one more version before Android O hits final release. While Google’s new OS seems to be mostly in a finished state, there are a few new additions to this third developer preview that are worth mentioning. Welcome Android 8.0! Android O Preview […]

Android O will make it easier to add custom ringtones and notification sounds

For all of its customization benefits, Android has never been well known for having the most user-friendly settings options. Case in point: setting a custom ringtone for devices running the AOSP version of Android has, in the past, involved plugging your phone into your computer to drag and drop song and sound files onto the […]