Lumber falls after mortgage rates solidify their move above 6% amid hawkish Fed rate hikes

A discounted batch of planks is seen as people shop for lumber at a Home Depot store in Alhambra, California on May 4, 2022. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images Lumber prices extended their 2-day decline to 10% after the Fed hiked interest rates by 75 basis points on Wednesday. The aggressive interest rate hike […]

Non-bank firms are now big players in America’s mortgage market

Not so bankable TWICE IN THE past 30 years, housing finance has taken down America’s economy. As interest rates rise and the housing market stutters (see article), regulators are again pondering the risks from the mortgage market—this time from a shift towards non-bank originators. These firms, which create mortgages and often sell them on to […]

UK Home Loans & Mortgages

Wherever you move within the UK, you’ll discover energetic expat communities. Whether you’re seeking out a career in one of the principal towns, or a extra non violent rural lifestyles, there may be someplace that fits you within the UK. Although many foreigners arrive in the UK for a shorter live, to look at or […]

Interest-only mortgage? What to do if you are facing an uncertain financial future

Warren Shute provides his advice for people worried about their interest-only mortgages (Image: GETTY) The FCA released a notice about their concerns on this subject at the beginning of this year because 2018 shows a peak in the number of mortgages coming due, especially interest-only mortgages. There are further peaks due in 2027 and 2032. […]

Martin Lewis issues mortgage WARNING and urges homeowners to check their rates NOW

If you have a mortgage, you should check urgently if you can slice the rate down – you may gain £1,000s right now.   Less than a year ago the very cheapest two year fix was under one per cent, the similar cheapest deal is now around 1.35 per cent, and five year deals are […]

Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert explains how to save £54,000 on your mortgage

Martin Lewis: He explained how to save tens of thousands on your mortgage (Image: Getty/ITV) Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, 46, spoke on This Morning today about how to save on your mortgage. The Money Saving Expert, also known as MSE for short, explained many mortgage rates are rising – meaning those with variable or tracker […]

If mortgage rates keep rising, home prices will eventually be forced to fall

Mortgage rates are rising rapidly toward 5% with the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage currently at 4.86%. If it hits 5.5%, it would be the highest level since 2008.  Most homebuyers cannot exceed their specific budget, meaning higher mortgage rates will eventually push down home prices if given enough time.  A 30-year rate of 5.5% will […]