Captain Marvel: ‘Are you Carol’s MOM?’ Annette Bening squirms over TWIST rumour on live TV

The acclaimed actress has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a role in the upcoming Carol Danvers caper, which stars Brie Larson as the titular hero. Bening was recently revealed to be playing the Supreme Intelligence but there are rumours online suggesting her role doubles-up as Carol’s mother. While Bening has previously teased that there’s […]

‘Mom and Dad’ Director Brian Taylor on Unleashing Nicolas Cage [Interview]

Brian Taylor‘s high-adrenaline style of filmmaking probably couldn’t find a better actor to pair with than Nicolas Cage. Cage, who’s described his seemingly unhinged performances as punk rock, gets the chance to let loose again in his second collaboration with Taylor, Mom and Dad. Cage is the dad and Selma Blair is the mom, and both actors bring a lunacy […]

‘Mom wanted me to be Hunter Trapper Fisher’, says guy whose ‘unbelievable’ name was changed by TV

Published time: 8 Jan, 2018 10:01 Edited time: 8 Jan, 2018 10:16 Hunter Fisher from Atlanta, whose name was replaced by a local channel with a supposedly more believable one for a street New Year’s Eve interview, shared his amusement with RT at the mess-up and at how fast it went international. Fisher was interviewed […]

‘Mom and Dad’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Is Ready To Kill His Kids

Nicolas Cage looks to be at his Nicolas Cage-iest in the high-energy Mom and Dad trailer. The jet-black horror-comedy stars Cage and Selma Blair as a pair of suburban parents who are suddenly seized with an unstoppable urge to murder their children. This feeling has likely come over many suburban parents, but Cage and Blair decide to […]

‘Still single? Don’t call me mom!’ IKEA dumps China ad offending singles

Published time: 27 Oct, 2017 02:56 Furniture giant IKEA has been forced to remove its commercial from Chinese TV after it’s ‘message’ triggered a storm of condemnation on social media. The ad, critics said, ridicules single women as it features a mother who threatens to reject her daughter for not having a boyfriend. “The TV […]

How the ‘Tiger Mom’ Convinced the Author of Hillbilly Elegy to Write His Story

When J.D. Vance was a first year law student at Yale, his professor, Amy Chua, encouraged him to write a book about his life in rural Ohio. Six years later, in August of 2016, his book, Hillbilly Elegy, became a #1 New York Times bestseller. And since the election, Vance’s book has become one of […]

Kailyn Lowry Seeking Sympathy From ‘Teen Mom’ Fans After Javi Marroquin Problems

Kailyn Lowry felt very uncomfortable when her estranged husband, Javi Marroquin, returned home from his deployment on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2. Javi was excited to see his children after spending six months away from them, but he had no idea how his life would be now that he didn’t have a home […]

Toddler Girl ‘Busted,’ Let Slip She Watched The ‘Walking Dead’ To Mom,’ Tries To Cover Up Lie In the Most Hilarious Way

As the vintage American comedy series said, “Kids say” — and do “the darndest things.” A recently uploaded video that’s going viral is proof and then some. It’s sure to make your day and will have you laughing your you-know-what off on the floor. The user, AFV, uploaded the funny Rumble video. The footage is […]