Kate Garraway breaks down in tears as she says children have ‘effectively lost their dad’

“The NHS are extraordinary. The people working with him have been amazing. The hours and the days that they’re giving, not just to Derek, to everybody is unbelievable.  “It is their work, it’s not a miracle, although we do thank you a little bit God that he’s still here, but it is their brilliance.” “I’ve […]

‘Mom and Dad’ Director Brian Taylor on Unleashing Nicolas Cage [Interview]

Brian Taylor‘s high-adrenaline style of filmmaking probably couldn’t find a better actor to pair with than Nicolas Cage. Cage, who’s described his seemingly unhinged performances as punk rock, gets the chance to let loose again in his second collaboration with Taylor, Mom and Dad. Cage is the dad and Selma Blair is the mom, and both actors bring a lunacy […]

‘Mom and Dad’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Is Ready To Kill His Kids

Nicolas Cage looks to be at his Nicolas Cage-iest in the high-energy Mom and Dad trailer. The jet-black horror-comedy stars Cage and Selma Blair as a pair of suburban parents who are suddenly seized with an unstoppable urge to murder their children. This feeling has likely come over many suburban parents, but Cage and Blair decide to […]

Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Zoe Ball gets ‘told off’ on It Takes Two – ‘dad will kill me’

The BBC Two show incorrectly gave professional Chloe Hewitt too many points following her unsuccessful attempt at the Strictly Pro Challenge. The presenter was forced to correct the embarrassing mistake after an unrelated VT was shown, admitting she been “told off”. “It’s time for the moment of truth. In 30 seconds, Chloe… you completed… 20 […]