Presidential Debate No. 2: Grade Trump vs. Biden, Moderator Kristen Welker

RELATED STORIES At least one long, national nightmare is now over — and that is the 2020 Presidential Debate season. Who emerged from the six-week fracas with the best crack at winning the Nov. 3 election? President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger/ former VP Joe Biden faced off for a second time on Thursday night, […]

A former Facebook moderator says she had to review 8,000 posts a day, and it made her numb to child porn

Sarah Katz Former Facebook moderator Sarah Katz has described the pressure she was under to review thousands of posts a day from the darkest corners of the platform. Katz told Business Insider that she eventually became desensitized to child porn and bestiality because she saw so much of it. Her experience raised questions about Facebook’s […]