Miriam Margolyes leaves Phillip Schofield speechless with sex tape admission ‘Did a few!’

“Your chap told me now don’t say anything nasty,” Miriam added as Phillip interjected: “Don’t say anything nasty but you’re always naughty and we love that.” Again, Miriam laughed as she detailed: “Well, I did a couple of sex tapes.” Holly and Phillip let out a laugh before Miriam revealed the name: “Sexy Sonja: Leaves […]

Miriam Margolyes shut down by Matt Baker after NHS swipe ‘We’ve run out of time’

The Call the Midwife star replied: “Yes, I do. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to be 78 and fat. I was very stupid. “But now I’ve got there, I am 78 and I’m alive. I have got health problems as a result but I’m battling on and I’m not hating myself. I hated myself for […]

Miriam Margoyles stuns on This Morning as she recalls being scolded by Queen ‘like a t***’

But her following comments forced the show’s presenters to apologise, as she added: “And I said, like a t**t. “I said: ‘I’m the best reader of stories in the whole world!” Miriam claimed that the Queen then rolled her eyes and promptly moved on to the next person in the queue. And while the next […]

Robert Peston speechless as Miriam Margoyles drops ‘F-BOMB’ during seriously explicit tale

The live Peston on Sunday was thrown into turmoil after the 76-year-old decided it was time for one of her very saucy tales.  Miriam began to tell Robert, 57, about one particular anecdote involving Warren Beatty while filming his movie, Reds.  She warned: “I’m going to use a bad word, can I use that in […]

Younger Finale: Miriam Shor Shares Her 'Mixed Feelings' About Josh's Decision

The luck of the Irish was not with Liza in Younger‘s fourth season finale. RELATEDYounger Renewed for Season 5 Wednesday’s episode sent Liza and Maggie to Ireland — per Josh’s request, because who wouldn’t invite the person you almost proposed to months ago to your wedding? — only to discover that Claire was looking at the nuptials as more of a green […]