Astronomers detect more mystery radio bursts from beyond the Milky Way

Sure enough, astronomers have discovered even more of those mysterious fast radio bursts from outside the Milky Way galaxy. Scientists using the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) telescope have detected 13 different radio bursts, including six repeat bursts from the same location in a galaxy 1.5 billion light years away. Each of those bursts […]

‘God of chaos’: Milky Way star on the brink of massive gamma-ray supernova explosion

A star 8,000 light years from Earth is on the verge of a huge supernova explosion, which could produce the Milky Way’s first gamma-ray explosion, a dangerous and extremely energetic event. Australian scientists at the University of Sydney discovered the rare ‘God of chaos’ star, which they say could produce the Milky Way’s first known […]

‘Other side of the galaxy’: Interstellar survey paves way for detailed map of the Milky Way

A string of radio telescopes have been used to measure a span of 66,000 light-years from Earth to a star-forming area of space at the other side of the Milky Way. The feat, achieved using the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), a group of radio telescopes found across the US and its territories but centrally […]

Black hole 100,000 times bigger than sun discovered near center of Milky Way

Published time: 4 Sep, 2017 21:59 A new kind of black hole has been found at the centre of the Milky Way – a find that may help explain the evolution of the phenomena. In research conducted by Japanese astronomers using the ALMA Observatory in northern Chile, a black hole 100,000 times the size of […]