Russia claims it has a new reason to blame Ukraine for the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 in 2014

EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images Russia’s defense ministry claims it has new evidence that the missile that downed Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) in 2014 was fired by Ukrainian forces.  The Amsterdam-to-Kuala Lumpur flight was shot down by a Soviet-made missile over the rebel-held eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 people on board. In […]

‘Insults and pathetic lies’: Russian diplomat slams WaPo over praise for Bellingcat MH17 claims

Russia has done everything to help the MH17 investigation, yet to its disgrace the Washington Post chooses to believe fake social media ‘investigators’ and cherry-pick facts, a senior Russian diplomat writes. Dmitry Polyanskiy, first deputy permanent representative at the Russian mission to the UN, sent an open letter to the Post on Friday, after a […]

No Russian missile system ever crossed into Ukraine: MoD rejects Dutch MH17 claims

The Russian Defense Ministry has rejected new claims that flight MH17 over Ukraine was downed by a missile from a Russian unit, urging the Dutch-led probe to focus on studying hard facts instead of social media images. “Not a single anti-aircraft missile system of the Russian Armed Forces has ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border,” the […]

Ukrainian pilot, allegedly involved into MH17 crash, ‘kills himself’

A former pilot with the Ukrainian military, who was accused of being involved in the tragic MH17 plane crash in 2014, has died in an apparent suicide. He was flying his Su-25 on a combat mission on the day of the tragedy. Vladislav Voloshin, the 29-year former pilot, died in his apartment in the city […]

'Anything can be fabricated': Retired Russian general on accusations of involvement in MH17 crash

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 21:17 A group of western activists investigating the 2014 tragedy with the Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine say they have found the person believed to be involved in the crash, in the person of a Russian military official. RT spoke to the accused man, Nikolay Tkachyov, who denies any such […]

On third anniversary of downed MH17 jet, relatives unveil ‘living memorial’ for the victims

Thomson Reuters Vijfhuizen (Netherlands) (AFP) – Three years after Flight MH17 was shot down by a missile over war-torn Ukraine, more than 2,000 relatives gather Monday to unveil a “living memorial” to their loved ones. A total of 298 trees have been planted in the shape of a green ribbon, one for each of the […]