Virgin River Stars Preview ‘Messy, Complicated’ Triangle in Season 2

RELATED STORIES Mel and Jack’s relationship remains the hottest topic in town when Virgin River returns on Friday, Nov. 27. And no matter how hard they try, neither can be excluded from the narrative. When asked how Jack is doing atop the Netflix drama’s sophomore season, Martin Henderson tells TVLine, “Not great.” And can you […]

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ is a Messy But Masterful Sophomore Effort

AUSTIN, TX: “What if I just showed four episodes of This is Us in a row, no explanation?” Jordan Peele asked with a sly smile, during the introduction to Us, which is (most would agree) the most anticipated movie of this year’s SXSW Film Festival. Interest was so feverish in being among the first to […]

Chrome cleans up messy URLs when you share from your phone

Google keeps making the web easier to use with its Chrome browser, from filtering ads on the desktop to getting rid of pop-ups and redirects on Android. The company just made sharing messy URLs nicer, too, thanks to the latest version of Chrome on mobile, v64. Now when you grab a long, complicated web address, […]

Messy New ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Adaptation is a Missed Opportunity

Murder on the Orient Express opens with Kenneth Branagh literally stepping in shit, a metaphor so apt for the 114 minutes that follows, it’s hard to believe the director/star isn’t straight-up trolling. Who else would so flagrantly tempt his critics? Perhaps the image is merely a challenge to himself, a visual wink that we’d have […]

How Microsoft embraced ‘messy’ creativity with Windows Ink

Windows Ink isn’t Microsoft’s first stab at bringing stylus support to PCs — that would be Windows XP Tablet Edition — but it is the company’s most successful. It made stylus support a core part of Windows 10, and it’s a big reason you’re seeing so many computer makers shipping digital pens of their own. […]

Messy Cousins in courtroom lashing

A PERTH magistrate has told troubled former AFL star Ben Cousins he was lucky not to have killed or seriously injured someone when he smashed his car head-on into a truck while high on methamphetamine. Cousins was in late March sentenced to one year behind bars for stalking and repeatedly breaching a violence restraining order […]

Hearthstone’s big nerfs are live after a messy tournament

A little less than two weeks after announcing them, Hearthstone’s nerfs for powerful cards like Spreading Plague, Innervate, and Fiery War Axe are here. Why the wait? Well, Blizzard didn’t want to disrupt Hearthstone’s current meta before the 2017 HCT (Hearthstone Championship Tour) Americas Summer Playoffs, which took place this past weekend. Unfortunately, that competition had […]

An ADP director has a relationship with the activist trying to shake it up — and it shows how messy Wall Street really is

Pershing Square, an activist hedge fund run by Bill Ackman, recently took a stake in ADP. ADP’s board includes the dean of Columbia Business School, Glenn Hubbard. Pershing Square has close ties to the school — it donates hundreds of thousands of dollars for an investment contest for Columbia students. Pershing Square’s move to shake […]