9-1-1 Spring Teaser Finds Maddie in Labor, While Lone Star Offers a Grim Update About Judd and Grace

RELATED STORIES Fans may be excited for the April 19 return of 9-1-1 (8/7c) and 9-1-1: Lone Star (9/8c), but after watching Fox’s just-released teasers for each show, you might not be so eager for their stories to progress. First up, 9-1-1‘s teaser offers us our first look at the arrival of Maddie and Chimney’s […]

9-1-1 EP Reveals the Deleted Maddie Subplot You Missed in the Fall Finale

RELATED STORIES Maddie Buckley came into some money on last week’s fall finale of Fox’s 9-1-1, but curious fans will have to wait until the show returns in 2020 to find out what she’s going to do with it. “Christmas came early,” Maddie’s lawyer told her after presenting a check for $ 486,329 — Maddie’s […]

American Idol Winner Maddie Poppe on Her Debut Album, Meeting Kermit and That 'Awkward' Finale Hand Holding

We all know Maddie Poppe can sing and play guitar — she is ABC’s first-ever American Idol winner, after all — but did you know she also boasts a secret third talent? RELATEDAmerican Idol‘s Elimination Problem: Give Us More Time to Say Goodbye! “[The producers] mentioned that Ryan might bring that up, because I guess […]

We will never give up… the hunt for Maddie goes on, vow the McCanns

GETTY The McCanns and a photo of how Madeleine would have looked in 2012 In a post on their Find Madeleine website the couple made clear their views on this “unwanted milestone”, the 10th anniversary of their eldest daughter’s disappearance. Writing candidly about their emotions, they wrote: “Ten years – there’s no easy way to […]

Liv and Maddie Series Finale Reveals Why Everyone Talks to the Camera

The series finale of Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie scattered the Rooney children to the winds, but not before addressing the one question about the show you didn’t even know you had. VIDEOSLiv and Maddie‘s Dove Cameron Recalls Her Favorite Guest Star of All Time That’s right, I’m talking about the fourth wall-breaking confessionals, which […]