The Mash Report cancelled: BBC show AXED following years of woke left-wing criticism

For four seasons, The Mash Report had graced BBC Two with comedian Nish Kumar providing a satirical take on the week’s headlines. However, the show faced several criticisms during its run for being particularly left-leaning and biased against numerous issues including Brexit.  A spokesperson said the cancellation is a result of the BBC “making room […]

Jeremy Corbyn, Tony Benn, and me: The man who invented left-wing Euroscepticism tells us why he thinks Corbyn really favours Brexit

John Mills / JML John Mills has been campaigning to get Britain out of the EU for 40 years. Mills wrote a series of Eurosceptic economic papers that were much admired by the late Tony Benn, the socialist MP who came to loathe the EU. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn worked for Benn in the 1981 […]

Corbyn attends left-wing Jewish group’s Passover event… and is attacked regardless

After having anti-Semitic accusations hurled at him, Jeremy Corbyn is now being slammed for spending time with Jews. He attended a Passover celebration run by left-wing group Jewdas, copping ire from other Jewish groups & MPs. Corbyn stopped by the Passover Seder in his home constituency of Islington, and – according to one of the […]

‘Violent radicals’: German politicians demand crackdown on left-wing extremism after G20 riots

A series of violent riots that engulfed the city of Hamburg during the G20 summit have provoked a wave of indignation among German politicians who demanded a radical change of approach toward violent protests, as well as to left-wing extremism. “Germany’s image in the international community has been severely damaged due to the incidents in […]

White House spokesman called a news site a ‘left-wing blog’ — and the news site fired back

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta Investigative journalism site ProPublica fired back at Sean Spicer on Monday, after the White House press secretary called it a “left-wing blog” and downplayed its report on President Donald Trump’s finances. The report, published on Monday, claimed an unreported clause in Trump’s trust document allows the president to draw money from […]

Russian hackers are extorting American left-wing groups

Russian hackers aren’t done trying to influence American politics just because the presidential election is over, if you believe Bloomberg‘s sources. The news outlet understands that the FBI is investigating “at least a dozen” incidents where Russian hackers tried to blackmail US liberal groups. Typically, the intruders threaten to leak embarrassing emails and documents (complete […]