NASA’s InSight lander just took its first selfie on Mars — take a look

NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA’s InSight lander has taken its first selfie on Mars. The selfie, released on Tuesday and shown above, is made up of 11 images that were stitched together. The resulting photo shows InSight’s solar panels and deck, along with the scientific instruments on top of the deck and the lander’s weather sensor. See the rest […]

NASA’s InSight lander may not be as sexy as a Mars rover, but here’s why the mission matters for Earthlings

Lockheed Martin/YouTube NASA’s Insight lander has landed safely. The robot will soon start beaming back information about quakes and wobbles on Mars. Mars doesn’t have tectonic plates like Earth, but learning more about how volatile the planet may be could help scientists better understand how Earth developed to sustain life. A former NASA chief says scientists […]

Texas lawmakers press NASA to base lunar lander program in Houston

Enlarge / Getting back to the Moon will require navigating politics on Earth. (credit: JAXA / NHK) The Apollo missions that flew to the Moon during the 1960s were designed and controlled by what is now known as Johnson Space Center, the home of the famous “Mission Control.” Moreover, the astronauts that flew to the […]

NASA is launching a quake-hunting lander to Mars today — here’s how to watch the InSight blast off live

NASA/Bill Ingalls NASA’s Mars InSight lander is set to take off from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base on Saturday. The InSight will take six months to reach Mars, where it will drill into the red planet and measure marsquakes. This will be the first time NASA launches an interplanetary rocket from the West Coast. Watch […]

Solid gold lunar lander replica, medals snatched from Armstrong Air and Space Museum

Published time: 1 Aug, 2017 04:57 A heist at the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Ohio has resulted in the theft of a solid-gold space module replica along with many other valuable items. Read more The items that were stolen late Friday night from the museum exhibit in Armstrong’s hometown of Wapakoneta, Ohio, […]