Dozens of prominent activists have been held for months in Saudi Arabia without charge — and the spotlight on the Kingdom’s human rights record is stronger than ever

Saudi Arabia’s human rights record has come under intense scrutiny in recent months.  Earlier this year, the country detained dozens of prominent women’s rights activists — most without access to communication and many who were never formally charged with a crime.  Award-winning campaigner Samar Badawi was arrested in August, which sparked a massive feud between […]

Queen Elizabeth net worth: Reigning Queen of United Kingdom’s mammoth fortune REVEALED

Queen Elizabeth’s portrait is on the head of the UK’s currency, so it’ll come as no surprise that she’s worth quite a lot. According to an estimate published by Forbes Magazine back in 2016, the royal’s net worth stands at around $ 530 million (around £400.4 million). The 92-year-old is the oldest monarch in British […]

Stained Glass Kingdoms And Card-Based Battles Abound In RPG The Land Of Glass

Sometimes a game might grab one’s attention with a glance and The Land of Glass‘ stained glass aesthetic is certainly eye-catching. But along with the unique art style, this new RPG combines strategic combat with cards and deck building. The Land of Glass takes places in the fantasy world of Vitrerran, overrun by monsters flooding […]

A Tale Of Two Kingdoms – A Sierra-Inspired Adventure In A World Of Faeries & Celtic Myth

Goblins are stirring up trouble. Warring kingdoms are putting aside their differences to deal with the threat (but how long can we trust everyone to be pals?). Giants, faeries, assassins, and more are complicating things even further. A sorceror stands on the sidelines, meaning to benefit from the chaos. Hopefully, A Tale of Two Kingdoms‘s […]

Guardian Kingdoms aims more for Age of Empires or StarCraft than Clash of Clans

Phoenix One Games hopes to build their realm with their first fantasy mobile strategy game, Guardian Kingdoms. The mobile strategy genre has proven to be incredibly lucrative, with Supercell (Clash of Clans) reporting $ 2.3 billion of revenue last year and Machine Zone (Game of War) bringing in an estimated $ 590,000 revenue daily. Since these games launched in […]

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s new roller coaster uses VR

I’m scared of roller coasters. Not heights, not speed, not intricate examples of mechanical engineering: roller coasters. I am specifically, and dreadfully, terrified or riding roller coasters. This is the story of me riding a roller coaster. Gulp. Last week, my wife and I were received an invitation from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, […]