‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ Teaser Introduces Slaughter Race and Shows Off More Disney Princesses

Before the weekend started, we got a look at a new character entering the world of Wreck-It Ralph, a tough street racer named Shank voiced by none other than Gal Gadot. Now Disney wants to show off the Wonder Woman’s computer animated alter ego in action with a new Ralph Breaks the Internet teaser that […]

Card Game ‘Faeria’ Upends Business Model And Introduces New Expansion

Tales of full-priced games going free-to-play are plentiful these days – and often an indication that those games aren’t doing too well. So when a game goes the other way, moving from free-to-play to a “premium” model, this is likely to raise a few eyebrows. However, in the case of strategic card game Faeria, this […]

Citroën Introduces Glasses That ‘Eliminate Motion Sickness,’ With One Obvious Downside

Citroën has developed a device, meant to be worn on the face, that resemble eyeglasses and can eliminate the symptoms associated with motion sickness within minutes of putting them on. Or so it claims. Obviously, such an invention would be a blessing for travelers afflicted with a sensitive stomach, but we’ve noticed they’re not the […]

Barbados introduces tax that could cost tourists more than £200 extra – starting next WEEK

Barbados has introduced the tourist tax on hotels for any visitor visiting the island. The tourist tax will cost between $ 2.50 (£1.90) and $ 10 (£7.55) per room per night. This could mean that a family who stays in two rooms for two weeks could be charged an extra £210 for their visit. The […]

Cool Stuff: Stand-Up NY Introduces the LaughPass, A Subscription for Stand-Up Comedy Shows

MoviePass has been shaking up the movie industry by offering a daily movie ticket to audiences for the low price of $ 9.95 a month. Since the subscription service seems to be working well for audiences so far, one stand-up comedy club in New York is looking to offer up their own subscription service for […]

FIA introduces 'Hypercar Concept' for World Endurance Championship

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‘Deadpool 2’ Clip Introduces the Merc with a Mouth to Julian Dennison as Firefist

We’re just a couple days out from the first sneak preview screenings of Deadpool 2 on Thursday evening, when the most excited and hardcore Deadpool fans will be flocking to theaters to see what the smart-mouthed sequel has to offer. However, if you’re one of those people who ruined your life with kids, has some […]

Nintendo introduces Switch cloud saves as part of paid online subscription

Just a few more months… First, the good news: Nintendo will finally begin offering a way for Nintendo Switch owners to back up their currently vulnerable game save data starting in September. Now, the bad news: that feature will only be offered to players who spend $ 20 a year for Nintendo’s first-ever paid online […]

Atom Tickets App Introduces Concession Purchases, Fandango Debuts New Rewards Program

MoviePass has been dominating the conversation about the theatrical experience for months, but there are a couple other players in the theatrical space who are trying to make some waves of their own. The Atom Tickets app has introduced some new functionality: the ability to pre-purchase concessions online before you arrive at the theater. Meanwhile, Fandango […]

Exclusive ‘Winchester’ Clip Introduces You to the Recreated Winchester Mystery House

Winchester, the horror film starring Helen Mirren as heiress Sarah Winchester, arrives on digital and Blu-ray very soon. In anticipation of the home video release, we have an exclusive Winchester clip that takes you behind-the-scenes of the haunted house film. You probably could’ve guessed this, but most of Winchester was shot on sets, not in the actual Winchester […]