Examining the game industry’s hidden impacts on climate change

Enlarge / Water water everywhere, and all the [circuit] boards did shrink… (credit: Getty Images | Aurich Lawson) Amid the stress of living on a warming planet, playing video games is an escape for billions. Whether you’re inhaling mystical doodads in Kirby and the Forgotten Land or cruising through Guanajuato in Forza Horizon 5, games […]

PlayStation swings to first place in gaming industry’s most-seen TV ads ranking

GUEST: Sony’s PlayStation brand web-slings into the lead when it comes to the most-viewed TV commercials for the gaming industry. It beats out previous chart-topper FoxNext Games to own almost a third of all industry TV ad impressions. GamesBeat has partnered with iSpot.tv, the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion…Read More

“What the f— is happening to our business?’: As ad execs hit Cannes, New Yorker scribe Ken Auletta’s new book chronicles the industry’s various existential crises

Marian Brannelly As hundreds of high-powered advertising and media executives descend on Cannes this week for a flurry of meetings, marketing stunts, and boozy yacht parties, there’s an undercurrent of deep uncertainly about the industry’s future. As well chronicled in New Yorker writer Ken Auletta’s new book, “Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business […]

I tried to eat only vegan fast food for a week — and my failure revealed one of the industry’s biggest mistakes

Business Insider/Jessica Tyler A study by market-research firm GlobalData found that the number of people who choose to eat vegan in America has grown from 1% to 6% since 2014.  Though many restaurants and fast-casual spots have updated their menus to include more vegan options, fast food is lagging behind. I tried to survive on […]

AR investors share insights on the industry’s 2018 trajectory

GUEST: 2017 was a year full of surprises for the augmented reality industry. Arguably the single biggest development was the emergence of ARKit for iOS devices and ARCore for Android devices. Digi-Capital forecasts that the install base for mobile AR could hit 900 million by the end of 2018. The sudden emergence of mobile AR […]

Tesla’s massive influence is the auto industry’s biggest myth (TSLA)

Nick Ut / AP Auto companies and media outlets often compare new electric vehicles against Tesla‘s, so it’s easy to get the impression that Tesla is the driving force behind the industry’s surging investment in electric vehicles. But that’s not quite true. While Tesla demonstrated the demand for EVs in the luxury market, government regulations […]

Blockchain could trigger the game industry’s next evolution

GUEST: Technology is mostly incremental. We make batteries last 20 percent longer. We make glass strong enough to serve as the front surface of a cellphone. We let headphones sample ambient sounds so they can filter more noise. Products perform better. They cost less. They last longer. Sometimes a different sort of innovation comes along, […]

360 VR advertising is the industry’s first sticky monetization model

GUEST: Monetizing VR content continues to be a tricky challenge for creators and publishers alike. There’s just hardly any rules of thumb to follow as the industry busies itself with building up a track record of trial and error, and while the addressable market of geared-up users continues to grow. Paid content works in some […]

2018 will be the software industry’s ‘seat belt’ moment

GUEST: Sixty years after the first Ford Model T rolled off the production line, Congress passed a law requiring the installation of seat belts to address public safety concerns. Many auto manufacturer lobbyists claimed this would be the end of the U.S. car industry. But of course, it has saved millions of lives. It looks […]

The Deaths That Come When an Industry’s Left to Regulate Itself

After Hurricane Irma hit three months ago in Orlando, Florida, the local police got a desperate 911 call from a 12-year-old boy reporting that his mother and siblings were unconscious. Fumes overcame the first deputy who rushed to the scene. After the police arrived at the property, they found Jan Lebron Diaz, age 13, Jan’s […]