Amazon adjusts the outlook for its in-car Echo setup

With time running out on 2018, Amazon has suddenly started delivering a bunch of the Alexa-connected devices it announced in September. However, it’s looking more and more like the Echo Auto that links its virtual assistant to your car stereo won’t be one of them. Despite some flip-flopping by Amazon’s website, AFTVNews notes that the […]

NTT DoCoMo and Mitsubishi hit fastest 5G in-car speeds yet

With the first 5G phones expected in 2019, carriers in the US and abroad are busy laying the groundwork for faster data speeds. Japan’s three biggest mobile networks are aiming for a similar timeframe, a year ahead of their original 2020 schedule, to coincide with the Rugby World Cup. One of the country’s leading carriers, […]

Hyundai testing in-car payment system with Xevo

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Hyundai Plans Gigabit Ethernet for Some In-Car Networks, but What Does That Mean?

– As automated and connected cars roll into dealerships over the next decade, they’ll need high-bandwidth networks to support these critical, data-hungry functions. Korean automaker Hyundai says it is committing to faster ethernet connectivity to power the core of its next-gen vehicles. – The Korean automaker has announced that it will “accelerate innovation, provide ‘over the air updates,’ […]

SiriusXM adds streaming-style features to its in-car radio service

In-car listening has come a long way in the past decade. Where satellite radio used to be one of the few ways to get live digital shows in your car, it’s now trivially easy to bring your phone into the car and stream virtually anything. And SiriusXM knows it — the company has launched a […]

Eyes off the Road: Study Confirms In-Car Tech Is Far Too Distracting

– Touchscreens, voice controls, console-mounted clickwheels, touchpads—with all the different systems out there, which kind offers a safe, minimally distracting interface? None. That’s the distressing finding according to new research from AAA. – New cars of all categories place excessive demands on a driver’s mental workload, and automakers don’t block enough non-driving features while their […]

Pay TV network Epix goes in-car with the new Honda Odyssey minivan

In-car entertainment systems have become much more sophisticated with the dawn of the connected car, with the likes of Spotify now integrated into many vehicles, while Google recently revealed it was developing a version of Android specifically for cars that works without the need of a smartphone. Put simply, cars are fast becoming the new battleground for technology […]

Review: Waylens Horizon HD In-Car Data-Logging Camera [Video]

– The Waylens Horizon is an interior-mounted car camera that records HD video from the driver’s perspective. While you might be inclined to consider the Horizon another dash-cam clone, its features and functionality separate it from the majority of the pack; for example, it uses an OBD-II dongle to capture vehicle data and overlay that […]

Chevy is offering an unlimited data plan for its in-car WiFi

You may have noticed pretty much every wireless carrier is now offering an unlimited data plan. They’re actually trying to outdo each other. Not wanting to be left out, Chevrolet is the first automaker to join the fun, offering a new unlimited version of its OnStar hotspot data plan through AT&T. Chevy owners can get […]