A Tenuous Balance: Honda’s Still Bullish on Cars, but Even Segment Leaders Have Weaknesses

While the Ford F-150 will likely still be America’s top-selling vehicle when each of us dies a natural death, the entries below it will surely be subject to change. In the near future, at least, expect to see passenger cars sink further down the best-seller list. Last year, Honda — a manufacturer with a fairly even […]

2016 Honda Civic Sedan Long-Term Wrap-Up: We Finish 40K Miles with Honda’s Compact

– Since the arrival of the Honda Civic nameplate in the United States in 1973, more than ten million of the small cars have provided Americans with efficient and reliable transportation. The Civic’s core mission is not an exciting one, but its success is largely based on its track record as a dependable tool for […]

Honda’s connected cars will communicate over 5G

When it’s not busy making billion-dollar acquisitions to expand its robotics line-up, Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank is pursuing its other hobby: smart cars. Central to this endeavour is its partner, and fellow Japan native, Honda. Last year, the two announced plans to make cars emotive using cloud-based tech based on SoftBank’s Pepper robot (think Knight […]

Honda’s cutesy robot cooler keeps drinks within reach

Honda didn’t just unveil a slick-looking EV coupe concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. It also had a robot… though it’s definitely not the kind of robot you’d expect from the company. Its RoboCas Concept is a super-cute cargo bot that can follow you around while hauling whatever you like in its large, customizable carrying […]