Outlander season 6: Jamie Fraser’s ghost explained as highlander dies before wife Claire

“Jamie dies first and keeps his promise that he’ll find Claire in death, and as he waits he takes advantage of opportunities to see her on the holidays when the spirit and real world are open to each other, like Samhain. “If DG says that the series ends in Scotland, then I’m guessing Jamie dies […]

Toyota Introducing Blacked Versions of Camry and Highlander

Toyota will be unveiling blackened versions of the Camry and Highlander at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, indicating that we’re one step closer to the trend ending. Factories started adopting the “murdered-out” look a few years ago after the movement gained steam in the aftermarket. Now it’s cropping up on the most mainstream of models. […]

2018 Toyota Highlander – In-Depth Review


2018 Toyota Highlander in Depth: Unpretentious Family Conveyance

– Buyers seeking a vehicle capable of hauling both people and cargo are more and more frequently selecting three-row crossovers over minivans, and among the throngs of available options is the Toyota Highlander. It’s a satisfactory if unexceptional choice with a spacious cabin, good build quality, and efficient engines. Driving enthusiasts won’t find the Highlander […]

2017 Toyota Highlander – In-Depth Review

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2017 Toyota Highlander in Depth: Three Rows of Seats, a Few Frills, but No Thrills

– To much of the car-buying public, the name Toyota is synonymous with reliability, longevity, and quality, and the Highlander does nothing to skew those attributes. The Toyota name also has become tantamount to boring, and unfortunately the Highlander doesn’t make an attempt to change that, either. It’s a hard-working, capable three-row crossover, but despite […]

For Honor Season 3: New Highlander and Gladiator heroes REVEALED ahead of release date

For Honor Season 3 has been talked about a lot by Ubisoft recently, who have now confirmed some of the new heroes and maps coming to the game later this month. Season Three has been dubbed “Grudge and Glory” and has a release date set for August 15. “Grudge and Glory” will bring the largest […]

2017 Toyota Highlander V-6 AWD Tested: The Quickening

-Like the 1986 film Highlander, the Toyota SUV that shares its name is a crowd-pleaser that fails to inspire fervor among critics. After more than 190,000 Highlanders rolled off dealer lots last year, Toyota’s mid-size crossover SUV entered 2017 with a host of changes aimed at satisfying the masses and pundits alike. READ MORE ›› […]

Highlander reboot director EXCLUSIVE: Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert to cameo?

The filmmaker has been given the task of bringing the 1986 classic back to the big screen. During an interview promoting the home release of his other directorial effort, John Wick: Chapter 2, he gave an update on his Highlander reboot. Chad revealed: “We’re trying to stay very true to the original property. Keep what […]