The Tiny Nations Plotting to Become Tax Havens for Cryptocurrencies

Payday won’t be the same next year for the soccer players of Gibraltar United, a team in the premier division of the sport’s league in the British overseas territory. Only a part of their salary will hit their bank accounts, and the rest will come to them in the form of cryptocurrencies. But the soccer […]

We’re All Tax Havens

Two years ago, the leak of the Panama Papers showed the world how the wealthiest people conceal their assets in offshore tax havens. The leak prompted outrage, political scandals, and calls for an overhaul of the laws that permit such tax-avoidance or tax-evasion strategies. On Sunday, there was another leak: This one, dubbed the Paradise […]

A new study details the wealth hidden in tax havens

SWITZERLAND, which developed cross-border wealth-management in the 1920s, was once in a league of its own as a tax haven. Since the 1980s, however, tax-dodgers have been spoilt for choice: they can hide assets anywhere from the Bahamas to Hong Kong. The percentage of global wealth held offshore has increased dramatically. But it has been […]

Council of Europe works to crush ‘jihad-tourism’ & terrorist ‘safe havens’ – Russia’s rep to RT

The Council of Europe is deeply involved in the global counterterrorism battle through legal and social means, seeking to thwart “jihadi-tourism” and ensuring that terrorists can’t find safe haven anywhere, Russia’s representative to the organization told RT. In July and August, Russia joined two conventions of the Council of Europe – one countering terrorism financing […]

Turkey will not tolerate Kurdish state & ‘terror havens’ on its borders – Erdogan

Published time: 9 Jul, 2017 03:59 Ankara will respond decisively to any threats on its borders, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared at the end of G20 summit in Hamburg, warning against any push by the Kurds to secure their own independent region. The Kurds have been the main fighting force battling jihadist on the […]