UK MPs seize documents expected to expose Facebook's covert data harvesting

The UK Parliament has taken hold of documents from Facebook that may shed light on the online giant’s carefree approach to user privacy amid claims that it was fully aware of user data loopholes exploited by Cambridge Analytica. The documents were seized from the founder of US tech startup Six4Three, who was on a business […]

Cambridge Analytica: how the Royal family became embroiled in a data harvesting scandal

The extended Royal family has become embroiled in the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal. As journalists investigate the shady deals of the consultancy firm, it has been exposed that ties to the data company go right to the top. As the week progressed, more and more links between CA and the establishment have been revealed. Board […]

BANK OF AMERICA: These 12 tax loss harvesting stocks that are prime for a rebound

Reuters/Ilya Naymushin Selling stocks before the year’s end to offset taxes on gains and income has been popular for decades. Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts combed through the stocks they still think are good buys, but have lost steam this year, to see which might be a good idea to sell in order to […]

Putin: Someone is harvesting Russian bio samples for obscure purposes

Russian genetic material is being harvested all over the country, purposefully and professionally, President Vladimir Putin has said, possibly hinting at the US Air Force’s earlier move to acquire Russian tissue samples. Putin was presiding over a meeting of Russia‚Äôs Human Rights Council Monday, when he was informed of live broadcasts from polling stations during […]