ITV Loose Women: Lily Allen slammed for ‘hardly speaking’ through interview

Lily Allen has recently seen a lot of headlines after anecdotes from her newly released book were posted online. The memoir, titled “My Thoughts Exactly,” details her life in the spotlight, and the troubles she has gone through during her decades in show business. She arrived on Loose Women this morning to discuss these headlines […]

Can’t hardly wait

LIKE teenagers, central bankers long to feel normal. For many of them (the central bankers, that is), the past decade has been an unusually angst-ridden one. They stumbled through it, confused by the way their policymaking bodies were changing, unsure what to do with their interest rates, embarrassed by their burgeoning balance-sheets. Teenagers often seek […]

North Korea news: Kim Jong-un's water park is a ‘Disney dream’ – with hardly any visitors

North Korea’s huge water park, Munsu Water Park, was personally requested by leader Kim Jong-un, and photos show a different side of the mostly bleak country.  The 37 acre large water park has indoors and outdoor pools, wave machines and slides, all painted in bright colours.  The shocking photos show North Korea citizens playing on […]

Driverless cars became a reality in 2017 and hardly anyone noticed

Enlarge (credit: Waymo) On November 7, Waymo announced it would begin regularly testing fully driverless cars—without a safety driver—on public roads. It was a momentous announcement. A technology that had seemed like science fiction a decade earlier became a reality. And the announcement was greeted with a yawn by much of the media and the […]

Google hardly seems bothered by the YouTube advertiser boycott (GOOG, GOOGL)

Thomson Reuters Nobody at Google appears very worried about a recent advertising boycott of YouTube. It seems a $ 26 billion quarter is very calming. While the Alphabet-owned company once again declined to break out YouTube’s revenue during its earnings call on Monday, executives spoke in effusive terms regarding the web video juggernaut. Google CEO Sundar […]

There’s a smart way to save for college — and hardly any families are using it

Business Insider University for the Creative Arts/Flickr College is a costly endeavor, that’s no secret. But paying for it doesn’t have to be a huge financial burden, so long as you’re saving the right way. According to a new report from Sallie Mae, one of the smartest ways to save for college is grossly underutilized […]