Charlie Stayt blasts Michael Gove over ‘law-breaking’ Brexit plan ‘Changed your tune!’

“Now, again these are matters where one needs to look at the detail at the precise wording of the withdrawal agreement and the protocol,” Gove continued. “And one of the things we are doing is making sure that we apply the withdrawal agreement and apply the protocol. “But we are not in a position where […]

Dan Walker loses it as Michael Gove defends Cummings: ’Why couldn’t he say sorry?’

“I think the account he gave was exhaustive, it was detailed, it was verifiable and I think people will have made their own mind up as they listened to Dominic’s account or as they read about it subsequently and I think most people will understand he was someone who was under pressure and put the […]

Piers Morgan slams Gove as daughter gets covid test within 24 hours ‘One rule for you!’

BACK BRITAIN’S BRAVE NHS HEROES – CLICK HERE NOW  Despite it being Bank Holiday Monday, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were back at the helm of Good Morning Britain earlier today, delivering the latest news and discussions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation. Before introducing the latest guests onto the show, Morgan spoke about […]

Piers Morgan tears into Michael Gove over ‘lack of clarity’ after Boris locks down UK

Piers Morgan, 54, and Good Morning Britain co-host Charlotte Hawkins, 45, interviewed Michael Gove, 52, today to get some answers on the Government’s latest action to tackle the spread of COVID-19. With ambiguity about whether some jobs are classed as essential or not and the worry about travelling to work, the host wanted to get […]

‘I’ve just been sick’: Michael Gove & Ed Balls do Gangnam Style dance to the horror of the public

Environment secretary Michael Gove and former Labour minister-turned Strictly Come Dancing celebrity, Ed Balls, have sent the public into a mixture of disbelief and nausea with a performance of the Gangnam Style dance. The former political rivals put their differences aside to ‘entertain’ a crowd at a charity event, by imitating the moves to the […]

Michael Gove warns Theresa May not to delay Britain’s exit from the customs union

BBC Chief Brexiteer Michael Gove warns Theresa May against delaying Britain’s exit from the customs union. Conservative MPs have suggested that Britain should stay in the customs union for months after the transition period ends in order to have more time to prepare for Brexit. May’s Cabinet still hasn’t found a workable solution for avoiding […]

BBC Breakfast: Michael Gove gives Tory's another blunder blow in gaffe-filled interview

The environment secretary struggled with his earpiece while trying to discuss matters of ivory with host Naga Munchetty. Gove, 50, was left apologising for missing part of her question due to his earpiece falling out.  “Technical problems always blight us at times,” Munchetty joked.  Viewers took to Twitter to laugh about the blunder, with one […]

Michael Gove suggests some public sector professions could see pay boosts

Environment secretary Michael Gove suggested that certain professions within the public sector may be in for pay boosts in the budget and said the government would respect the advice of the pay review bodies. After the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London and the Grenfell Tower disaster calls for nurses and people working in the […]

Michael Gove Says It's Wrong For People Who Don't Go To University To Pay For Those Who Do

Michael Gove has defended university tuition fees, a day after prime minister Theresa May’s most senior minister suggested the government could review the decision to raise fees to £9,000. The environment secretary told the BBC it was unfair to place extra tax burdens on those who did not individually benefit from a university education. “If […]

Drive your child to school? Your car is exposing them to harmful ‘toxic gases’, warns Gove

Children could be at serious risk while inside a car from air pollution produced by vehicles, reveals leading scientist.  A former government chief scientific adviser has warned that cars are ‘boxes collecting toxic gases’ and can stunt children’s growth. Professor Sir David King has issued a warning to parents and advised that they should walk […]