Dan Walker loses it as Michael Gove defends Cummings: ’Why couldn’t he say sorry?’

“I think the account he gave was exhaustive, it was detailed, it was verifiable and I think people will have made their own mind up as they listened to Dominic’s account or as they read about it subsequently and I think most people will understand he was someone who was under pressure and put the health of his wife and son first and who took care to ensure they, as a unit, as a family unit, were not in danger of affecting other people.”

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As the interview continues, Walker probed Gove about when he found out Cummings had driven to Durham before eventually losing it with the politician.

He exclaimed: “See the issue is Mr Gove is that I think many people will be listening to Dominic Cummings yesterday, listening to the Prime Minister and listening to you now today, and they have had these conversations with themselves, with their family members, they have been desperate to visit their parents, they have been desperate to visit their family members, they had ill children, they have been suffering with coronavirus and yet, they abided by the government guidelines.

“I think many people are listening to you today and saying, even if Dominic Cummings didn’t actually break those guidelines, what he did was against the spirit of the guidelines.

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