RuPaul’s Drag Race: Gigi Goode Is the Favorite to Win Season 12 — Which Queens Will Join Her in the Top 4?

Mandated quarantining may prevent RuPaul’s Drag Race from giving us a traditional live finale for Season 12, but however the results are announced, it’s become fairly clear which queen will get the crown. Facts are facts, America — Gigi Goode is the obvious frontrunner. Let’s start by crunching the numbers: The Los Angeles-based queen has […]

Matthew Goode Sinks His Teeth Into Vampire Drama A Discovery of Witches

Given his track record of sweeping the ladies off their feet (by way of The Good Wife and Downton Abbey), it was only a matter of time before Matthew Goode sprouted a pair of fangs. Goode will star opposite Teresa Palmer — who has her own history of romancing the undead, thanks to 2013’s Warm […]

Chuck Berry dead at 90: Watch star perform iconic song Johnny B. Goode

Johnny B. Goode was one of the singer’s most famous hits, which he originally wrote in 1955. As fans and celebrities alike pay tribute to the star, here is Chuck’s rendition of Johnny B. Goode from a televised performance from 1964. The song is about an illiterate “country boy” from New Orleans who aspires to […]