The Flash Boss Teases a ‘Fun’ Reason for Iris’ Naturally Curly Change-Up

In late August, Candice Patton revealed (and celebrated) via social media a new look for The Flash‘s Iris. TVLine has since gotten a sense for what brings about this mini, yet meaningful, makeover — and whether it’s just a one-time thing. “It means a lot to wear my curls on The Flash. And I know […]

Han Solo movie’s Lando Calrissian star Donald Glover SPEAKS on ‘most FUN’ Star Wars film

The Han Solo movie’s original directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord are well known for their zany improvised comedy, but how much of that will shine through in the final cut now Ron Howard’s in charge? Well Glover, who plays a younger Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story, claims the film is tonally more […]

Fortnite map UPDATE – Vehicles next in Battle Royale? Epic Games talks ‘fun’ possibilities

Fortnite gamers have had an exciting week, with the Battle Royale map update arriving on PS4, Xbox One and PCs as part of the big V.2.2.0 patch. The Fortnite map update added eight new locations to Battle Royale and updated existing ones, adding more detail and variety to current areas. Patch V.2.2.0 brought with it […]

DC Films to Ditch the Dark and Gritty Vibe and “Make the Movies Fun”

The difference in tone between last year’s grim and dour DC Extended Universe movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad and this year’s far more uplifting Wonder Woman couldn’t be more clear, and fans and critics around the world have spoken: they prefer positivity to seeing heroes mope around. The executives at DC Films, to their […]