The Flash Boss Teases a ‘Fun’ Reason for Iris’ Naturally Curly Change-Up

In late August, Candice Patton revealed (and celebrated) via social media a new look for The Flash‘s Iris. TVLine has since gotten a sense for what brings about this mini, yet meaningful, makeover — and whether it’s just a one-time thing. “It means a lot to wear my curls on The Flash. And I know […]

Heart condition: Curly hair a symptom of a deadly disease that many don’t know they have

WHEN Nancy Williams and her younger sisters Cathie and Dora were growing up they assumed that their curly hair was simply a genetic trait inherited from their mum Ruth. But it was only when Nancy, now 57, reached her early 40s that she learnt her frizzy locks were an outward sign of a hidden heart […]