The Fugitive on Quibi — Grade It!

RELATED STORIES Kiefer Sutherland is once again battling terrorists, only this time he’s got the wrong guy in his crosshairs. Quibi’s The Fugitive reboot premiered on Monday (Episodes 1-3 are now available, with new chapters debuting every weekday until its Aug. 18 finale), and while we secretly wish it was Jack Bauer back in action, […]

TVLine Items: Cuphead Gets Netflix Series, The Fugitive Reboot and More

It’s “game on!” at Netflix: The streamer is adapting the popular video game Cuphead into an animated comedy series. Titled The Cuphead Show!, the project will expand upon the characters and world of the game, which follows Cuphead and his brother Mugman during a high-stakes gambling match. The potential series centers around “the unique misadventures […]

Ukrainian fugitive who faked own death found living lavishly in fancy French castle

A Ukrainian man who forged his own death certificate to avoid corruption charges has been arrested in France, where he was living in a Dijon castle decorated with Salvador Dali paintings and a garage of vintage Rolls Royces. The EU’s law enforcement agency, Europol, announced the arrest in a statement released on Tuesday. Identifying the […]

Top court insists fugitive Catalan leader must return to Spain to be re-inaugurated

Spain’s Constitutional Court says Carles Puigdemont, the only presidential nominee put forward by the ruling Catalan pro-independence coalition, cannot be sworn in while in exile, demanding he attends the ceremony in person. Puigdemont, who faces charges of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of funds for his role in the Catalan referendum and subsequent declaration of independence […]

Fugitive ex-Georgian leader Saakashvili detained in Kiev after supporters helped him break free

Published time: 8 Dec, 2017 21:48 Edited time: 8 Dec, 2017 22:02 The ex-president of Georgia turned Ukrainian opposition leader, Mikhail Saakashvili, has been recaptured in Kiev. Authorities put him on a wanted list after supporters helped him break free from police custody earlier this week. Saakashvili was placed in a temporary detention facility, General […]

Emotional Fugitive Detector turns your face into a game controller

Emotional Fugitive Detector is an imposing silver box from a dystopian future in which personal expression has been outlawed. It’s a co-op video game installation by graduate students from New York University’s game design program, who have taken it on tour to the Game Developers Conference and the IndieCade Festival, where it was a finalist. An […]

Biometrics catches violent fugitive 25 years on the run

Here at Ars, we often speak of facial-recognition technology as some Orwellian surveillance method that will one day be deployed by governments or other actors to chronicle our every move—perhaps for nefarious purposes. We reported Wednesday that the Department of Homeland Security is pushing a plan that would require all Americans to submit to a facial-recognition scan when […]

Hot off the grill: Fugitive mob boss busted at barbecue in rural Italy

Published time: 14 Apr, 2017 23:08 Police in Italy have arrested a fugitive mafia boss while he was in the middle of a barbecue with his wife at a villa in a picturesque Tuscan town. Concetto Bonaccorsi, 56, absconded from prison in Naples last September while on a three-day release, police announced on Friday. He […]

FBI offers $10,000 reward for fugitive gun thief who may be targeting Trump

A nationwide manhunt is underway in the US for an “armed and highly dangerous” suspect who robbed 16 high-end guns and may be plotting an act of mass violence targeting government officials. The suspect, Joseph Jakubowski from Janesville, Wisconsin, allegedly broke into the Armageddon Supplies gun shop on Tuesday and made off with at least […]