The UK lifted its ban on fracking to pursue energy independence as power bills soar, but experts say it’s unlikely to help the energy crisis this winter

The UK lifted a moratorium on fracking for shale gas amid the energy crisis. Jae C. Hong/AP Photo The UK lifted a temporarily ban on fracking amid the ongoing energy crisis. It had temporarily banned fracking over fears of earthquakes from the shale-gas extraction process. UK energy bills are expected to be 80% higher in […]

Trump administration sued for allowing ‘unlimited’ dumping of fracking waste into Gulf of Mexico

Published time: 10 Dec, 2017 00:04 The Trump administration is being sued by an activist organization for allegedly allowing oil companies to dump waste from fracking and drilling into the Gulf of Mexico, without considering the detrimental effect it will have on marine life. The Center for Biological Diversity filed a formal notice of intent […]

Activist investors are calling for an end to big paydays for execs in the fracking industry

Thomson Reuters The growth-at-all-costs model for shale drillers has succeeded in ramping up U.S. oil production, but it hasn’t necessarily led to impressive financials. A group of activist investors are hoping to upend this arrangement by breaking the link between the pace of drilling and CEO pay. Reuters reports that some activists investors are pushing […]

Russia claims to have invented an alternative to fracking

Reuters/RIA Novosti Russian scientists and local oil field services companies claim to have created a technology for thermochemical gas fracturing that could be an alternative to hydraulic fracturing and could increase oil production by between 1.7 and 6 times, Russia’s news agency RIA Novosti reports, citing the University of Tyumen’s press service. In hydraulic fracturing, rocks […]

Environmental groups sue the Trump administration over rules on oil and natural gas fracking

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Environmental groups sued the Trump administration Monday over its move to repeal rules on oil and natural gas frackers that were a part of former President Barack Obama’s broad climate change plan. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt had initiated a process to delay the oil and gas regulations last week […]

Saudi Arabia’s control of the global oil supply is ‘on the ropes’ thanks to Iran and US fracking

David McNew/Getty Images Revamped Iranian oil production and US hydraulic fracturing operations has Saudi Arabia’s control of the global oil supply “on the ropes,” according to Bloomberg’s Sam Wilkin. The Saudi-led Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will meet Thursday to work out a plan to cut global oil supplies and boost prices, but OPEC […]