‘You Were Never Really Here’ Director Lynne Ramsay Writing an “Epic Environmental Horror” Film

Scottish filmmaker Lynne Ramsay, who turned heads earlier this year with the Joaquin Phoenix thriller You Were Never Really Here, has revealed a few more details about her next film – and she’s heading into horror territory. Read more about the upcoming Lynne Ramsay horror movie below. In an interview with the British Independent Film […]

As coal stalls, Wyoming considers new environmental clean-up rules

Enlarge / GILLETTE, Wyo.: A truck loaded with coal is viewed from the Eagle Butte Coal Mine Overlook which is operated by Alpha Coal. The area is a large producer of coal. Gillette uses the moniker of “The Energy Capital of the Nation”. (Photo by (credit: Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images) On Wednesday, […]

Ruptly crew caught in tear gas as French police crack down on environmental squatters (VIDEO)

Molotov cocktails and stun grenades flew through clouds of tear gas as 2,500 officers moved in to evict the illegal occupants of the ZAD anarchist commune in western France. Ruptly crew were caught up in the action, and tear gas. RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij, reporting from the thick of the action, said at times it felt […]

Trump considers stiffer environmental standards for imported cars

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is considering ways to require imported automobiles to meet stricter environmental standards in order to protect U.S. carmakers, according to two sources familiar with the administration’s thinking. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said President Donald Trump “will promote free, fair and reciprocal trade practices to grow the U.S. economy and […]

Blue Planet 2 has helped environmental charities with donations and petitions

Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth reported more people than ever have been donating money and signing petitions calling for action to save the oceans. The BBC’s Blue Planet II is this year’s most watched TV show, with 14 million viewers. As well as awe-inspiring, never-been-seen images of marine life, it highlighted the plight of […]

Trump orders rollback of environmental rules to speed up infrastructure permit process

President Donald Trump has unveiled new plans to speed up approval processes for highways and other infrastructure projects, by revoking an environmental regulation aimed at protecting against the effects of climate change. Addressing a news conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan Tuesday, Trump elaborated on an executive order he signed earlier in the day, which […]

Trump actually wants to enforce an environmental rule. A court says he can’t

AP Photo/Evan Vucci On Tuesday, a D.C. appeals court struck down an Obama-era restriction on the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), chemicals used in refrigerators and air conditioners that become greenhouse gases when released into the atmosphere. Surprisingly, the Trump administration went to bat for the rule in February, opposing a challenge from HFC-producing chemical companies based […]

This Siggraph project lets you feel environmental effects in VR

You can open a portal to a new environment just like in the movie Doctor Strange and feel the environmental effects on the other side.  Researchers from National Taiwan University and Tamkang University are presenting a project at Siggraph this week that shows potential for VR arcades as it recreates realistic weather effects that could […]