How game companies can boost cybersecurity and avoid Fortnite’s fiasco

The mobile gaming market is one of the fastest growing industries, and for the first time, market watchers forecast it to generate more than half of the global gaming market revenue in 2018. In the first half of 2018 alone, a total of 19.5 billion mobile games were downloaded across both Google Play and the […]

Fortnite’s Android vulnerability leads to Google/Epic Games spat

Enlarge (credit: Epic Games) Epic Games’ popular shooter Fortnite has been out on Android for just a few weeks, and already there are concrete examples of some of the security fears brought about by the game’s unique distribution method. Google disclosed a vulnerability in the Fortnite Installer that could trick the installer into installing something other […]

PUBG and Fortnite’s new Radical Heights Battle Royale rival is different in a massive way

Radical Heights is a new take on the Battle Royale genre, being developed by Boss Key Productions. The new PUBG and Fortnite rival launches on Steam Early Access on April 10, with the game in the very early stages of development. The style of the game is more like Fortnite than PUBG, which will be […]

Epic admits that Fortnite’s success may seal another F2P game’s fate

Enlarge / Paragon sure can look cool, but in terms of gameplay, fans argue that updates have left something to be desired. (credit: Epic Games) Epic Games’ Fortnite proved to be one of 2017’s weirdest gaming success stories. Following years of sluggish development and a half-baked “paid early access” launch in July, the game received […]