How to get rid of fleas and STOP them coming back with this 90p home remedy

Fleas are known for their unsightly, itchy and distressing bites, with fleas in the home being unsanitary and dangerous for your pets. A flea infestation can be amongst the most tricky to get rid of, with the tiny pests invading homes and finding places to hide. They seek out warmth, hiding in places such as […]

How to get rid of fleas in your house: Save your pets and prevent bites with THESE steps

Flea bites can be very distressing for people, and even more so for pets.  While bites are not particular painful they can become itchy and uncomfortable depending on sensitivity.  Persistent scratching is often the first indicator your pet has fleas.  But before you take your pet to the vet you should check if you have […]

Flesh-eating ‘sea fleas’ savage teenager’s legs in bloody feeding frenzy (DISTURBING IMAGES)

A young Australian man took a dip in the ocean to soothe his legs after a day of playing football but was horrified when he returned to the beach to find his legs bleeding uncontrollably from what appeared to be thousands of tiny bites. Sam Kanizay, 16, spent Saturday evening unwinding at Dendy Street Beach […]

An Australian Teens' Legs Were Apparently Eaten By Sea Fleas And Everyone Is Traumatized

She told The Age the fleas were the most likely culprit for Sam’s wounds. She added the number of bites was unusual but that sea fleas are common both in Australia and around the world. “They’re there all the time; you could put a piece of meat in the water, anywhere in the bay, and […]