Sarah Ferguson ‘flicks between emotional extremes’ at royal wedding as she arrives alone

Sarah Ferguson, 58, also known as Fergie, has a complicated relationship with the royal family. While the Duchess of York is no longer royalty herself, she is the mother of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie – who are eighth and ninth in line to the British throne respectively. She is also the ex wife of […]

Warframe on Nintendo Switch: Digital Extremes “examining possibilities” of games console

Warframe has built a loyal following based around its addictive gameplay and free-to-play model. It can be downloaded on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a lot of new content being planned for 2018. Sheldon Carter, COO at developers Digital Extremes, recently spoke to on the game’s enduring popularity in such a saturated market. […]

NOAA recaps 2017’s near-biblical collection of weather extremes

Enlarge / Members of the Texas Army National Guard moved through flooded Houston streets as floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey continued to rise on August 28, 2017. More than 12,000 members of the Texas National Guard were called out to support local authorities in response to the storm. (credit: Zachary Wes) The figures for 2017’s global […]

Great Scott! This astronaut has probably endured more extremes than anyone

NASA Scott Parazynski has chased extremes all of his life. Not in a reckless way, perhaps, but rather because his life’s goal seems to have been to experience just about as much crazy stuff that one human possibly could. As a result, it seems plausible that Parazynski has experienced more extreme environments than any human […]