Princess Victoria of Sweden stuns in blue and white striped dress today in Estonia

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is the heir to the Swedish throne. The 41-year-old looked stunning as she visited Tallinn, Estonia today. The European royal wore a striped dress. The garment featured blue and white stripes in different hues. The long-sleeved number showed of the Princess’s small waist. The knee-length hem had pretty pleat details. […]

‘Time to go’: Veteran US ambassador to Estonia resigns over Trump’s EU & NATO rants

Donald Trump’s careless statements and clumsy transatlantic policies have reportedly forced the US ambassador to Estonia to retire from his post, saying these values are no longer compatible with “his DNA.” “The United States’ Ambassador to Estonia, Jim Melville, announced his intent to retire from the Foreign Service, effective July 29, after 33 years of […]

Russia scaremongers congregate for low-key Estonia event

Dozens of “Russia scare” traders flocked to Estonia to sit down and find out how best to protect against Moscow’s pervasive hand. Things they discussed were either out-of-date or profoundly irrelevant. A bizarre two-day event, called the Annual Conference on Russia 2018, was hosted in a tiny university town of Tartu, Estonia, by the Baltic […]

Estonia arrests suspected FSB agent accused of “computer-related crime”

Enlarge / A car preparing to cross from Estonia into Russia approaches the border control point on March 23, 2017 in Narva, Estonia. Estonia is a member of the European Union and shares its eastern border with Russia. (credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)) Estonian authorities announced this week that they had recently arrested a Russian man, […]

Estonia is first in the EU to let cute delivery bots on sidewalks

Starship Technologies’ delivery bots have been dropping off lunches in Europe and the US with increasing regularity, and governments are slowly warming to the idea. State legislatures in Virginia and Idaho recently granted official permission for small delivery robots to operate on sidewalks, and now Estonia(!) has offered its approval as well. The measure passed […]

Over 100 NATO military vehicles arrive in Estonia as part of ‘biggest deployment since Cold War’

Published time: 23 Mar, 2017 03:14 Scores of tanks, self-propelled artillery guns and other military hardware have started to arrive in Estonia from the UK and Germany, in what the UK defense minister has called the largest deployment in Eastern Europe since the Cold War. READ MORE: US troops march through Latvian town, woo border […]

Shedding Soviet history, Estonia aims to be world’s most pro-tech nation

Karoli Hindriks is old enough to remember when the last Soviet tanks and soldiers filed out of Estonia in 1991, not long after the country declared its independence from the USSR. The joyful celebration that followed decades of occupation was quickly replaced by reality. Tucked into the northeastern corner of Europe, with a population of 1.3 million, […]