McCain: Trump ’emboldened’ Assad days before suspected chemical attack by saying he wanted to withdraw US troops from Syria

Jason Reed/Reuters A suspected chemical attack caused at least 40 people to suffocate to death, and injured hundreds more, in Syria on Saturday. On Sunday, US Senator John McCain criticized President Donald Trump for recently saying he is in favor of pulling US troops out of Syria.  McCain said the president’s words “emboldened” Syrian leader Bashar […]

The Zuma failure has emboldened critics of SpaceX

Enlarge / The Zuma mission launched on Jan. 7 from Florida. (credit: SpaceX) The space community has not learned much about the apparent loss of the Zuma payload launched by SpaceX on January 7, but the mystery has had one clear after effect: critics of SpaceX, including several far-right publications, have weaponized the failure of […]

Labour MP Mary Creagh BLASTS Brexit saying it ‘emboldened’ racists as hate crime rises

MP for Wakefield Mary Creagh made the remark on today’s Good Morning Britain following on from a report that has revealed a record rise in hate crimes. She told hosts Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins: “It’s emboldened them and is taking us back to the 1950s.”  Creagh, 49, said it was “incumbent” on everyone to […]