Alien bacteria & a drowning Italian: 5 craziest things from first 20 years on the ISS

Life in space isn’t all taking Earth selfies and sitting on a stationary bike. In honor of the 20th anniversary of Russia’s launch of the first International Space Station module – here are the oddest stories from orbit. Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano nearly drowns – inside his spacesuit On a list of horror scenarios for […]

Trash wars: US drowning in its own waste, blaming China for rejecting ‘recycled commodities’

Hundreds of tons of waste that Americans believed they were recycling is now piling up in processing plants or being dumped into landfills, as China’s decision to stop buying garbage for environmental reasons begins to bite. Beijing’s 2017 decision to ban imports of 24 varieties of trash brought to light the real destination of most […]

Weight loss: Size XXXL woman lost ten stone with simple trick after nearly DROWNING

Weight loss can be difficult for people who are overweight, battling unhealthy diets and a lack of exercise. Yet one young woman from Los Angeles turned her life around after realising something had to change. Dominique Montgomery, 22, from California used to fit into XXXL clothing after binge eating fast food and takeaways. It wasn’t […]

Lifesavers just used a drone to rescue two people in danger of drowning

Screenshot/Business Insider A drone helped lifesavers rescue two people from drowning in Australia.  Two teenage boys were swimming away from safety flags in heavy surf when they were spotted.  According to the deputy state premier, this is the world’s first drone ocean rescue. Surf lifesavers in Lennox Head, a a coastal area in New South […]

Charges filed against Florida teens who recorded & taunted drowning disabled man

A group of teenagers who filmed and taunted a drowning man in a lake are now facing criminal charges for not reporting his death. Authorities are also pushing for legislation that would allow them to prosecute similar cases in the future. On Friday, the Cocoa Police Department (CPD), in conjunction with the Florida State Attorney’s […]

Swim lessons won’t keep your toddler from drowning — in fact, they could increase the risk

My son has almost drowned twice, and both times, it was my fault. He had been frolicking in the shallow end for 45 minutes in both cases. Then I got distracted for a minute, and when I glanced back, he was gone. There were multiple people in the pool with him each time, some within […]

‘Baywatch’ Review Round-Up: The Action Comedy Can’t Save Itself From Drowning

It’s time for the second big studio comedy of the summer to hit theaters in the form of Baywatch, the big screen adaptation of the popular TV series from the 1990s that starred David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Hitting the beach are Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron as a couple of musclehead lifeguards who get […]

Britain's Got Talent: Ant forced to LEAVE after blunder leaves stage drowning in URINE

The 41-year-old and three-quarters of the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel, Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell and David Walliams, delighted fans when they all brought their dogs on stage for a spot of Doga, better known as doggy yoga.  After some heavy breathing and reaching their respective points of zen, the pooches all joyfully played around […]