VLC reaches three billion downloads, will soon add AirPlay

VLC, the video player that’ll crunch every format you’ve heard of, plus all the ones you haven’t, is about to hit a huge milestone. Variety spotted an installation at VideoLan’s CES booth that’s counting ever-closer to the three billion download mark. The VideoLan team expects the (really) Big Three-Oh to be hit at some point […]

Fortnite reaches 15 million Android downloads without Google Play

Enlarge / Disclaimer: Artist’s conception. Do not play Fortnite while skydiving. Ars Technica and Epic Games will not be held liable for any injuries sustained jumping out of planes while playing the game. Void where prohibited. In bringing Fortnite to Android this summer, Epic gambled that the biggest video game phenomenon in the world could […]

“Stylish” extension with 2M downloads banned for tracking every site visit

Enlarge / Google results sent to remote servers. (credit: Robert Heaton) Google, Mozilla, and Opera have pulled a browser extension with more than two million downloads after it was caught tracking every website its users visited—and sending the data to a remote server. The Stylish extension allowed users to customize the look and feel of […]

Nintendo says Switch won’t get Virtual Console classic game downloads

Enlarge / Don’t expect to see a screen like this on the Switch. With Nintendo offering a selection of 20 downloadable NES games as part of its newly announced Nintendo Switch Online service, starting in September, many have been wondering if the company is planning to revive its Virtual Console selection of emulated classic game […]

Fortnite Mobile Android downloads could be massive for Epic Games

Currently, Fortnite Mobile is riding high on iOS devices, something that is being tracked by a lot of people. Since becoming available to everyone with a compatible iPhone and iPad, the game has bounced back to the top of the Free App Charts. It’s also in the no.1 spot for top grossing iOS Apps and […]

Sensor Tower: ARKit apps rack up over 13 million downloads in 6 months

It’s been over six months since Apple rolled out its augmented reality framework ARKit in September, and ARKit apps have been downloaded over 13 million times. Games are still leading the way, comprising 47 percent of installs according to market analyst Sensor Tower. Sensor Tower notes that its analysis only encompasses apps that “prim…Read More

Facebook data downloads highlight what the social network knows about you

People are being encouraged to download their Facebook data following concerns about the information the social media giant collects on its users. It seems to include phone calls, text messages and other non-Facebook activity. READ MORE: WhatsApp co-founder calls on users to #DeleteFacebook New Zealand software developer Dylan McKay highlighted the issue after he downloaded […]