Supergirl Bosses Break Down Final Season Premiere, Warn Kara’s Situation Is ‘Dire’ After Being Sent to [Spoiler]

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Supergirl premiere. Kara, you in danger, girl. Supergirl rang in its final season premiere with twists, turns and a new threat for our Girl of Steel. Tuesday’s episode, titled “Rebirth,” saw the Super Friends defeat Gamamnae, revive a dying Brainy and reverse the harm Lex caused after using […]

MoviePass’s parent company is in dire danger of having its stock delisted by the Nasdaq (HMNY)

The Nasdaq warned MoviePass’s parent company that it would move to delist its stock as soon as December 28. Shares of Helios and Matheson have traded below $ 1 a share for nearly the entire time since May, violating Nasdaq’s listing standards. The company had until Tuesday to boost its stock price above that threshold, […]

Conditions are so dire at the US-Mexico border that migrants are getting sick, and contracting lice and chicken pox

Several thousand Central American migrants are living out of a filthy, overcrowded sports complex on the US-Mexico border.  They are facing sickness and indefinite waits amid shifting US border policies.  Since the migrants began cramming into the complex in Tijuana, there have been multiplecases of respiratory illnesses, lice, and chicken pox.  Many of the people […]

Neighbours spoilers: Andrea Dee makes DIRE threat but fans distracted over Toadie blunder

Neighbours is currently witnessing the return of Andrea Somers (played by Madeleine West) – or Fake Dee.  The mystery blonde has never strayed far from Erinsborough, and has always been a thorn in Toadie Rebecchi’s (Ryan Moloney) side.  With her real identity still a mystery, “Andrea” set about exacting her revenge on Toadie and his […]

Silicon Valley’s housing market is so dire, a burned-out home just sold way over the asking price — for $938,000

Redfin screenshot The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most expensive housing markets in America. Case in point: A fire-ravaged home in San Jose, California, has sold well over asking for $ 938,000. The home will need to be demolished.   It’s no secret that buying a home for under $ 1 million […]

Star Wars CHAOS: Rogue One writer on reshoots – ‘They were in TERRIBLE trouble, dire MESS’

Rogue One may have been a billion dollar success, but according to Director Krennic star Ben Mendelsohn, Gareth Edwards film originally looked quite different. Now screenwriter Gilroy has spoken out on being parachuted in to oversee reshoots and postproduction, working essentially as a “ghost director.” Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-nominated writer was very candid […]

The situation at San Francisco’s sinking skyscraper is so dire that the most expensive condo has sold for $1 million under the asking price

Justin Sullivan/Getty Residents at Millennium Tower, San Francisco’s leaning, sinking skyscraper, are scrambling to sell their multimillion-dollar condos. Apartment 401, the most expensive condo for sale at Millennium Tower in 2017, has sold for over $ 1 million under its asking price. Millennium Tower is safe to occupy, though residents are still leaving.   The […]

Wall Street billionaire Steve Schwarzman gave a record-setting gift to his public high school — and it highlights the dire situation American schools face

Public K-12 schools are facing budget shortfalls amid reductions in government funding.   Steve Schwarzman, the billionaire founder of private-equity firm Blackstone Group, recently gave a $ 25 million donation to his public high school. Such donations to public K-12 schools are rare, especially compared with their private counterparts. Given the budget shortfalls, Schwarzman recently told […]

The situation at San Francisco’s sinking skyscraper is so dire, residents are selling their condos at a loss of millions

Millennium Tower, a luxury residential building in San Francisco, has sunk 17 inches and tilted 14 inches since it was completed in 2008. Residents say they’re selling multimillion-dollar condos at a loss. A two-bedroom, three-bath unit at Millennium Tower sold in December 2017 for 30% less than what it sold for in 2013.   The […]