Rick and Morty season 5 spoiler: Promo teases brand new method of dimension travel

Meanwhile, the defeat of the Galactic Federation has left the door wide open for any number of wild adventures when the series eventually comes back. Although the series was hit with a severe delay amid the outbreak of coronavirus, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have assured fans the writers and animators are hard at work […]

The 4th dimension, but not as we know it: Scientists bend rules to catch glimpse of unknown

Two separate teams of scientists have bent the rules of physics to catch a glimpse of evidence on something which, technically, we shouldn’t be able to perceive: a fourth spatial dimension. Everyone is aware of our standard three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, but the two teams, one based in the US […]

Google Maps Street View: Is this a portal to another dimension?

Google Maps has revealed some very creepy sights over the years that are often unexplained. From alien sighting to crop circles, it can strike fear into users hearts regarding the supernatural. Avid users have also spotted what appears to be a portal to another dimension on a road in Brazil. The bizarre sighting has caused […]

The stand off with North Korea has taken on an added dimension

Reuters/KCNA North Korea suffered a setback in its nuclear weapons development programs. Tunnels in the mountain where its conducts its nuclear tests collapsed. It might have to start testing its nuclear weapons in the atmosphere.    The North Koreans are determined to develop a nuclear-armed arsenal of ICBMs to ensure that the U.S. does not […]

Inside Dimension, Europe’s amazing volumetric capture studio for AR and VR

FEATURE: It was with some confusion that I walked into a bustling lumberyard on the London outskirts of Wimbledon yesterday afternoon. Syren developer Hammerhead had promised something amazing to show me, but as I walked past lorries shifting materials and workers digging into fry-ups, I’d begun to wonder exactly what could be so spectacular. Then, […]

‘Stranger Things’ Theory: What If the Upside Down Isn’t Another Dimension But … The Future?

We’ve been assuming for so long that the Upside Down in the hit Netflix genre show Stranger Things is just that — an alternate dimension that exists on an opposite plane than we do. But what if it wasn’t? A new theory posits that the Upside Down could be more than just another dimension, but an […]

Shoot, Swap, Shoot: How Dimension Drive Is Shaking Up Early Access

To call Dimension Drive’s development history turbulent would be quite the understatement. Raising enough money on Kickstarter, just to have a very generous pledge withdrawn in the very last moment must have been a truly heartbreaking blow. After nearly giving up on the game, creators 2Awesome Studio tried again to fund continued development, and their […]