A Michelin-starred chef says restaurants should stop serving avocados because they’re like ‘the blood diamonds of Mexico’

NatashaPhoto/iStock The avocado is one of the trendiest and most popular foods of the moment. However, a Michelin-star chef says the fruits are “the blood diamonds of Mexico” and “they are akin to battery chickens.” The comments come following an increasing number of restaurants removing avocados from their menus due to environmental concerns. Avocados: a […]

Time to shine in diamonds and pearls from Coast, Anthropologie and Luisa Cerano

(Image: SUN MAG) So what has been the hot shade for Summer 2018?  Well actually it seems no colour is the best colour right now.  The current summer uniform is on a romantic high of vanilla toned neutrals, sandy cottons and icing sugar pink separates.  And with all this sunshine, our summer party invite list […]

Drew Brees is suing a jeweler for $9 million, saying he was overcharged by millions for diamonds

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Drew Brees is embroiled in a $ 9 million lawsuit with a jeweler named Vahid Moradi, arguing that an independent appraiser suggested he was significantly overcharged for diamond purchases. The lawsuit claims Brees and his wife paid $ 15 million for investment-grade diamonds that the independent appraiser valued at only $ 6 […]

Scientists think these meteorite diamonds formed on a long-lost planet

Scientists studying a meteorite fragment that fell to Earth in 2008 have found evidence that suggests it may have originated from a Mercury-sized planet that no longer exists. The makeup of a meteorite — the elements it contains, what ratios they’re in — can usually point us to where it came from, like say the […]

England shock Diamonds in stunning upset

ENGLAND produced one of the great boilovers of the Commonwealth Games with a thrilling last-second 52-51 win over Australia in netball’s pulsating, pressure-packed gold medal match. Goalshooter Helen Housby hit the winner as time expired to hand England a remarkable victory in their first appearance in a Commonwealth Games decider. Scores were level with 15 […]

Confused, exhausted but McMahon nails it for Diamonds

THE gold medal match for netball at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester is remembered for being one of the greatest matches in the sport’s history. But the first thing that Diamonds star Sharelle McMahon recalls is the physical and emotional rollercoaster of the sudden-death double overtime thriller that saw Australia triumph over archrival New […]

A plane lost $368 million worth of cargo after its door flew open — and now gold and diamonds are scattered everywhere

A Russian plane was flying out of Yakutsk airport carrying tons of gems and precious metals. Issues began at takeoff, when the plane’s door immediately fell off, showering the runway with gold, platinum, and diamonds. The aircraft continued to lose its cargo until it performed an emergency landing 16 miles away from its original location. Now, […]

Diamonds covered for injury drama

A QUARTET of netball stars of the future have been named to cover any injury crisis within the Diamonds ahead of the Commonwealth Games. Coach Lisa Alexander says she has every area of the court covered should the team be plunged into injury dramas ahead of their defence of the Commonwealth Games gold. “Touch wood […]

‘Perfect gemstones’: Russia exhibits unique collection of 5 diamonds worth $10mn (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Published time: 16 Nov, 2017 03:58 Edited time: 16 Nov, 2017 03:59 A collection of five unique diamonds, cut in Russia from a single 179-carat crystal, has dazzled connoisseurs in New York. Priced at some $ 10 million, the set includes Russia’s most expensive and clearest stone ever produced. “These are perfect gemstones. Russia has […]