Water Cooler: Spider-Man, Venom, Birdbox, Love Simon, Aquaman, Ben Is Back, Bumblebee, Destroyer, Free Solo, Love Actually & Happy as Lazzaro

On the December 17, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is joined by managing editor Jacob Hall, weekend editor Brad Oman, senior writer Ben Pearson, and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to talk about what they’ve been watching at the Water Cooler. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on […]

‘Good luck, guys’: 17 Russian jets buzzed a British destroyer and left a threatening message earlier this year

‘Good luck, guys’: 17 Russian jets buzzed a British destroyer and left a threatening message earlier this year NOW WATCH: Watch Russia’s newest fighter jet in action — the MiG-35 See Also: 5 photos of the Admiral Makarov, the frigate Russia deployed to the Mediterranean with cruise missiles ready to hit Syria 2 new videos […]

US destroyer arrives in Mediterranean as Syria tensions rise

With the arrival of another guided missile destroyer to the Mediterranean, the US may have 200 ‘Tomahawks’ ready for a strike on Syria, as Russia warns that jihadist groups in Idlib are planning a fake chemical attack. The USS Bulkeley (DDG-84), an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, entered the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar on Wednesday, […]

Mel Gibson is Directing a WWII Thriller Called ‘Destroyer’, May Co-Star in ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’

In 2006, actor/director Mel Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence and went on a now-infamous rant using anti-Semitic, racist, and sexist comments. After apologizing and spending the next decade in director’s jail, he made a comeback with 2016’s Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge and has eased his way back into the Hollywood limelight. Now his […]

US missile destroyer reportedly sailing toward Syria as Trump weighs options

The USS ‘Donald Cook’, a guided-missile destroyer, has left Cyprus and is reportedly moving to the eastern Mediterranean. The movement of the vessel comes as top US officials have threatened to attack Syria. The Arleigh Burke-class warship, which carries 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles on board, left the port of Larnaca in Cyprus on Monday, the […]

US Navy destroyer arrives in Black Sea on ‘familiar mission’

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 18:57 American guided-missile destroyer USS Carney has docked in the Ukrainian port of Odessa. It has sailed to the Black Sea as part of a mission to reassure allies in the face of what Washington calls a “Russian threat.” “Returning to the Black Sea and Odessa is a familiar mission,” […]

US guided missile destroyer enters Black Sea

Published time: 6 Jan, 2018 15:22 US guided missile destroyer USS Carney (DDG64) entered the Black Sea on Friday. The 150-meter ship can carry Tomahawk cruise missiles, anti-air and anti-ship missiles and torpedoes. Photos of the vessel sailing through the Bosporus Straight have been published by Istanbul-based ship-spotting media outlets. According to the Montreux Convention […]

Japanese boat crashes into US Navy destroyer in Pacific Fleet’s 5th collision this year

Published time: 18 Nov, 2017 18:35 Edited time: 18 Nov, 2017 18:37 A US Navy destroyer has collided with a Japanese tugboat in Sagami Bay, off the east coast of Japan, making it the fifth such incident involving the Pacific Fleet this year. An official statement from the US Navy’s 7th Fleet said the tugboat […]

‘Star Wars’ Novel Reveals Luke Skywalker Can Pull Down a Star Destroyer With the Force

Just how powerful is Luke Skywalker? Apparently, very powerful. In a new canonical Star Wars novel The Legends of Luke Skywalker, it’s revealed that Luke once used the Force to pull-down a massive Star Destroyer like a boss. This reveal makes one wonder if we’ll be seeing any of that massive power in The Last Jedi. Probably not, […]