Facebook’s ‘playable ads’ bring game demos to the news feed

Facebook’s next foray into the gaming space is giving players a chance to try mobile games out before they download them. The social network is calling them “Playable Ads,” which is fairly self-explanatory. There’s a lot of advertising mumbo-jumbo in Facebook’s announcement, but the key takeaway is that you’ll be able to play a brief […]

Wireless Oculus VR grows up with new, incredible “Santa Cruz” demos

Enlarge / Look, ma: no wires! On a decent VR headset, at that! Say hello to Oculus Santa Cruz 2.0. (credit: Oculus) SAN JOSE, Calif.—Last year, Oculus unveiled ambitious plans for a totally wireless virtual reality headset, and the idea sounded great… until we tried it. The company’s “Santa Cruz” prototype was impressive enough at […]

Fascist salutes seen at pro-Spanish unity demos in Madrid, Barcelona (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 8 Oct, 2017 17:49 Several protesters could be spotted giving fascist salutes in the Spanish capital on Saturday, where thousands of residents gathered in support of the country’s unity. Some appeared to follow suit in Barcelona, where a rally also took place against Catalan independence. READ MORE: Hundreds of thousands rally against Catalan independence […]

StoreDot demos EV battery that reaches a full charge in 5 minutes

StoreDot, an Israeli startup known for making fast-charging batteries, announced its model for EVs in 2015. The company claims that its EV battery can reach a full charge within only fiveminutes and can keep the car running for 300 miles. Now, to prove that its technology works, StoreDot has demonstrated its product’s charging capability on […]

Vkansee demos its under-glass fingerprint sensor on a Lenovo laptop

The next step for fingerprint sensors on smartphones is for them to sit under the glass, and that’s rumored to be a feature on Apple’s next iPhone. Vkansee, a startup in New York, has already patented an under-glass optical fingerprint sensor — but the company is utilizing it first with Windows laptops. At Mobile World Congress, […]

Mark Zuckerberg demos finger-tracking Oculus gloves

In a bit to keep folks excited about its Oculus virtual reality products, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a bunch of new tech at the Oculus Research facility in Redmond, Washington. The most interesting prototype was a new set of gloves (above) that can “bring your hands into virtual and augmented reality,” he wrote […]