How to delete your Facebook and Instagram accounts — or, at least, lock them down as tightly as possible (FB)

Christophe Morin/IP3/Getty Images A growing number of people are talking about deleting their Facebook accounts after all the company’s scandals. Here’s how to delete your Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp accounts, thus wiping your data from the Facebook empire entirely.  And if you can’t or don’t want to leave Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp wholesale, we’ve pulled […]

You’ll soon be able to delete a Facebook message up to 10 minutes after it’s already been sent (FB)

Shutterstock Facebook Messenger will soon introduce a feature that lets you delete a message up to 10 minutes after it’s already been sent. The new feature was spotted in the release notes for the newest Messenger update, but for now it’s still listed as “coming soon.”  Facebook said in April it planned to add such […]

Feds took woman’s iPhone at border, she sued, now they agree to delete data

Enlarge / An international air traveler is cleared by a US Customs and Border Protection Officer (L) and is approved to enter the United States inside the US Customs and Immigration area at Dulles International Airport (IAD) , December 21, 2011 in Sterling, Virgina, near Washington, DC. (credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images) An American Muslim […]

Blackout UPDATE: Just finished the Black Ops 4 beta? Do NOT delete your Call of Duty files

Call of Duty players have just finished the second Black Ops 4 beta test with the highly anticipated Blackout battle royale mode next up. Activision have already confirmed that in September the Blackout beta will be launched, one month ahead of the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 release date. Blackout is the brand new […]

iPhone: How do I delete an app and how do I take a screenshot on an iPhone?

The Apple iPhone has an incredibly easy operating system that allows users to change pretty much anything they want on their phone.  You can download a massive amount of apps through the App Store and rearrange them on your screen as you see fit.  There are more than 700 million iPhone users in the world, […]

How to delete old tweets so you don’t get fired

This past Friday, Disney shocked fans of the Marvel Comic Universe with a stunning announcement that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director James Gunn had been fired from the project after decade-old offensive tweets of his had been uncovered. Regardless of the controversy surrounding how the tweets were unearthed (by right-wing troll Mike Cernovich) […]

WhatsApp cofounder: It’s time to delete Facebook

WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton said today people should get rid of their Facebook accounts. WhatsApp, a chat app with 1.5 billion monthly active users, was acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for more than $ 16 billion. “It’s time,” Acton tweeted, followed by #deletefacebook. It is time. #deletefacebook — Brian Acton (@bria…Read More

Driveshaft Delete: BMW X2 and X3 Drop Price with New Two-Wheel-Drive Variants

– There’s no use paying for something you don’t need on a new BMW, even if nobody “needs” a new BMW. To sweeten the deal on its latest crossovers, BMW is offering two-wheel-drive versions of its X2 and X3, a move that effectively lowers starting prices. – At their debut, both the X2 and X3 were […]