The Boys Season 4 Could Be A ‘Defining’ Moment For Erin Moriarty’s Starlight

There’s a lot to look forward to with season 4 of “The Boys,” which likely won’t air until sometime in 2023. Will Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) make a return? How will Butcher (Karl Urban) deal with his declining health? Will Homelander (Antony Starr) ever overcome his mommy issues? We’ll just have to wait and see. […]

By defining “l33t” and “Thanks Obama,” became the Web’s reference

Talking with CEO Liz McMillan at the 2018 Collision Conference. (video link) NEW ORLEANS—Despite the ever-connected nature of life today, there remains a moment that all of us eventually encounter. Whether talking to a friend, texting with a family member, or emailing and chatting with coworkers, a word pops up that simply stymies. Wait, […]

Crash Override book review: Defining what the Internet can learn from the G-word

(credit: Public Affairs Books) “I find myself having to frequently explain completely incomprehensible nonsense,” game maker Zoe Quinn writes in her new book Crash Override. “And it’s hard to bond with someone when they can’t understand you.” This sentence sums up Quinn’s memoir-length attempt to grapple with her Internet experience, which has become too common: as Gamergate’s “patient […]

Younger Boss Breaks Down Liza and Kelsey's Defining Moment: 'That's Where Everything Finally Landed'

Liza’s friendship with Kelsey reached a new high on Wednesday’s Younger — while her tolerance for tequila hit a new low. A weekend in the woods for a top-secret publishing retreat turned out to be a solid bonding experience for the friends-turned-frenemies, though it certainly didn’t start that way. In fact, Liza could only take […]

Trump just got a hero’s welcome in a country that may have underestimated his defining trait

WARSAW — One the best days of Donald Trump’s nascent presidency unfolded 4,400 miles away from the White House, where he was greeted Thursday by party leaders whose nationalistic instincts mirror his own and a bused-in crowd of Poles whose chants of his name punctuated his lofty speech about patriotism and the clash of civilizations. The last-minute trip was, in […]