Ghost towns and cosmic cowboys: Welcome to wild west Texas

As the gateway to the Rio Grande and Big Bend, Terlingua’s the perfect base for outdoor activities like canoeing, whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and camping. Despite its arid climate and harsh terrain—summer temperatures regularly exceed 37 degrees Celsius—the area’s also home to a thriving wildlife population that includes Mexican black bears, bighorn […]

‘Cosmic Snake’ Offers High Scores For Talented Cave-In Artists

Cosmic Snake doesn’t have much to do with the classic game save for giving you a snake to control, although this one is more interested in digging holes and dropping ceilings on things than eating small bits and getting bigger. In Cosmic Snake, you want to dig holes in all of that heavy, heavy dirt […]

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Goes Cosmic and Gives Marvel Its Raw, Beating Heart

(Welcome to Road to Infinity War, a new series where we revisit the first 18 movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ask “How did we get here?” In this edition: Guardians of the Galaxy gets weird, and it’s spectacular.) Flashback, Comic Con 2012. Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige announces development on Guardians of the […]

Hubble provides the cosmic background to a dark French opera

Grandiose space images from NASA’s Hubble telescope might be the last thing you’d expect see in an early 20th century French opera. However, Marco Brambilla, the artist behind epic video art installations and Kanye West’s “moving painting” music video for Power, has done just that. He created the video backdrop for a new production of […]

Scientists trace mysterious cosmic radio bursts to likely source

A discovery by an international group of astronomers has brought scientists one step closer to identifying the source of the mysterious fast radio burst emanating from the cosmos. The repeating burst, known as FRB 121102, was first detected by researchers in 2012. Last year, it was found to be coming from a star-forming dwarf galaxy […]

MIT’s DIY muon detector sniffs out cosmic particles

Scientists at MIT have designed a pocket-sized muon detector that can be easily made with common electrical parts, meaning anyone can kit themselves out with legitimately-functional Ghostbusters-esque gear for less than $ 100. The device detects the charged particles — muons — that come from the high-energy cosmic rays blasted from supernovae beyond the solar […]

Cosmic rays unlock new secrets in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

It turns out that the 4,500 year old Great Pyramid of Giza still has some secrets to share. Using cosmic-ray imaging, an international team detected a large chamber within the structure that was previously unidentified, according to Nature. It’s the first discovery within the Great Pyramid since the 19th century. When galactic cosmic rays hit […]

Cosmic cancer threatens manned Mars mission

Published time: 26 Sep, 2017 00:13 Exploring deep space or colonizing Mars could be far more difficult than previously believed, according to new research looking at cancer-causing cosmic rays. Health scientist Frank Cucinotta teamed up with Eliedonna Cacaoat, of the University of Las Vegas, to investigate the effect of cosmic rays. In the study, published […]