President poised to sign bill creating quantum computing initiative

Visions of an American quantum computing initiative are close to becoming a practical reality. The House of Representatives has passed its version of a bill that would establish a National Quantum Initiative Program and speed up the development of next-generation computing technology. Provided the President signs it into law (it cleared the Senate last week), […]

How advances in edge computing are addressing key problems in the healthcare, telecommunications, and automotive sectors

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. Edge computing solutions are key tools that help companies grapple with rising data volumes across industries. These types of solutions are critical in allowing companies to gain more control […]

Wells Fargo says hundreds lost homes to computing ‘error’

Software mistakes are normally little more than inconveniences, but they had particularly serious consequences for some Wells Fargo customers. An SEC filing from the bank has revealed that a “calculation error” in its mortgage loan modification underwriting tool led to about 625 customers either being denied loan changes or not receiving offers when they would […]

AI Weekly: Computing power is shaping the future of AI

This week, OpenAI published an analysis that documents an explosion in compute power over the past six years, which is driving advances in artificial intelligence. Compute power used in the largest AI training runs, the piece found, has doubled every 3.5 months since 2012. The breakdown of compute power necessary to create well-known AI systems lik…Read More

Google is planning to buy a startup that helps companies move to the cloud as it builds out its own cloud computing business

Google Google announced plans to purchase a small Tel Aviv-based startup that helps companies move their internal corporate infrastructure to cloud providers. Velostrata has raised $ 31.5 million since 2014, pitching itself as a service that works with a lot of different providers like AWS, Azure, and — more recently — Google’s cloud computing service.  […]

Azure Container Instances bring serverless computing to containers

Enlarge (credit: Ana Ulin) Azure Container Instances (ACI), which let you create Linux and Windows containers without having to manage the virtual machines they run on, are now generally available. ACI brings serverless principles to containerized applications. Serverless computing, pioneered by Amazon’s Lambda and found on Azure as Functions, is designed to defer all system […]

AI-powered ambient computing is just getting started

GUEST: It’s hard to believe that not even 75 years have passed since ENIAC, that room-sized, 30-ton calculating machine, was the number-crunching hero of World War II. Since then, technology has evolved and converged into myriad applications — including the internet; internet of things (IoT); big data; mobile, virtual, and augmented reality; machin…Read More