Facebook just removed a new Android security app that critics said unfairly collects private data (FB)

Getty Facebook removed Bolt Lock App, an app made by its Israeli security subsidiary Onavo, from the Google Play app store, amid concerns that it unfairly collected user data. Both Onavo and Facebook came under fire in February because Onavo’s VPN service also sends mobile browsing and app usage data back to Facebook. Critics say […]

The Voice UK 2018: Viewers baffled as Jennifer Hudson collects money – but here’s why

The 36-year-old judge seemingly baffled some fans who took to social media to complain. However, Jennifer explained that it was more than just “singing for her supper”. Viewers took to social media following the broadcast, with one tweeting: “Jennifer Hudson walking round collecting money on the voice, showbiz musn’t pay v well #TheVoiceUK.” “Did Jennifer […]

Disable location access? Google collects data from Android users anyway – report

Android phone users may turn off their location services settings, take out their SIM card or restore their device to factory settings, but Google still collects their location data, according to a new report. For the past 11 months, devices running on Android software have been sending “Cell ID codes,” which contain data on the […]

OnePlus limits the data it collects from your phone

Many OnePlus owners were more than a little upset when they found out that the company is collecting gobs of user data from its phones without asking, including personally identifiable info. It’s no surprise, then, that OnePlus is taking quick steps to avert (or at least, minimize) a backlash. Carl Pei has told customers that […]

PGA Tour 2017: Schauffele wins Tour Championship but Thomas collects FedEx Cup jackpot

Schauffele, 23 in just his 30th event on Tour captured a second Tour title this year with a dramatic three-foot birdie at the last in a 68 for a one-stroke 12-under winning tally on the East Lake course. “This year has just been a wild ride as I somehow managed to wrange my way from […]

Petition to declare ‘Antifa’ group terrorists collects 250k signatures

In less than a week, one quarter of a million Americans have signed a petition to have President Donald Trump officially classify the “Antifa” group a terrorist organization, accusing them of violence at demonstrations and incitement to kill police. Using the petition website originally set up by the Obama administration, the petition calls for labeling […]