Cheryl Cole's face says EVERYTHING as Liam Payne appears on The Greatest Dancer

The Greatest Dancer captain Cheryl brought along her final team, Froback to appear on the show. Their challenge this week was “social network” which prompted Cheryl to make some calls to her celebrity friends. As the group began dancing, a Robbie Williams song played, prompting a huge reaction from the audience. Eventually the screen behind […]

12 Monkeys Reveals the Truth About Cole's Mom — Did You See It Coming?

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Friday’s 12 Monkeys. Mother shocker! Friday’s batch of 12 Monkeys episodes led viewers to believe that James Cole’s mom was The Witness’ daughter Emma before revealing that the mystery mama was actually time-traveler Hannah (played by Brooke Williams)! Yes, Jones is Cole’s grandmother. Let that sink in for […]

Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Brendan Cole's HUGE vow to Shirley Ballas amid explosive feud

The Strictly Come Dancing professional, who has been paired with Good Morning Britain host Charlotte Hawkins, clashed with Shirley Ballas, 57, during last Saturday’s live show after she accused him of breaking the rules.  Earlier this week, Brendan, 41, lashed out at the head judge, warning her to “keep her opinions to herself”.  What’s more, […]